Zeroing with Aimpoint Shooting Target. 1. Set up the target at 25 meters. 2. Place firearm in solid rest and center dot on the target. 3. Take one shot and inspect. M16A2 / M16A4 weapons 25m zero target. The close combat optic ( CCO), M68 is a non-telescopic (unmagnified) reflex sight that is. Comparison of the developed targets to standard m zero targets modified for m .. either carry-handle sight and back up iron sight [BUIS]) or an M

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This training support package provides the instructor with a standardized lesson plan for presenting instruction for: All of the soldiers that successfully pass the PE will then be given a twenty question written test that covers all of the critical information outlined in this period of instruction.

This fundamental is not affected by night firing conditions using the TWS. It is easiest if you start the zeroing process from a short distance. Stabilizing the weapon is crucial. The students hand tighten the metal mounting screw when mounting the Adapter bracket onto carrying handle. Regardless of the mounting location, the adjuster that is on top or bottom will always be the adjuster for elevation and the one on the side will be the windage adjuster.

Target detection procedures for the BIS are the same as with standard iron sights. Zero in less than 18 rounds, and achieve at least 23 target hits out of 40 timed target exposures in order to qualify. Figure shows the close-combat optic training program. With the information given on top of the printed Aimpoint shooting target, and by counting the number of squares between the actual point of impact and the desired point of impact on the target, you can quickly and precisely detemine how many clicks you need to move the adjustment screws in order to zero your sight see image “Target 2”.


A practice qualification must always precede an actual qualification. Adjust windage and elevation on the reflex sight until the center of the aiming dot is at the tip of the front sight post when viewed through the BIS while assuming a normal firing position.

Conduct of firing A dry fire exercise will be conducted prior to the actual practice record fire The practice fire is conducted and recorded in accordance with the practice record fire scorecard. This will provide enough ambient light for the gunner to see the target.

ARMA DYNAMICS – Red Dot Zero Targets

Once you adjust the red dot to top of front sight post you disregard front sight post while firing. Conduct a Practical Exercise and answer questions. Before the soldier can zero the M68 to the weapon, the M16A2 25 meter Zero Target must be prepared a certain way in order to speed up the zeroing process effectively and efficiently. If the visible laser cannot be located when targt soldier spins the borelight to the half turn position, start this procedure at 2 meters instead of 10 meters.

We have created a series of graphics to compare the different zeros for various barrel length and ammunition combinations to better choose what works best for your needs.


The visible laser of the borelight is aligned with the barrel of a designated weapon. Registration Forgot your password? After boresighting the M68, the soldier must confirm the boresight on a 25 meter zero range. Prepare the M16A2 25 meter Zero Target for zeroing. The more accurate the boresight of the M68 to the assigned weapon, the closer to a battlesight zero the weapon will be. Do not turn the adjustment screws too much or they will break. Answer at least 14 out of 20 questions on written test.


Turn the Torque limiting knob until it clicks two times and stop, Tighten an additional two clicks after firing first three rounds.

If the borelight is not available a meter zero must be conducted. All procedures for the BIS are the same as with standard iron sights.

Take another shot to check that the point of impact is centered. This method uses Aimpoint shooting targets, which are available for free here.


We think you have liked this presentation. Have the gunner move his reticle off the circular crosshair and then realign back on zerk target. These are useful for those who may not have access to a longer range, but would like to have a yard zero.

After the target has been engaged, the laser is deactivated. To Zero the M68, we have to ensure that it is mounted properly first.

The night initial training strategy is used for soldiers who have little or no previous experience with night vision goggles, or for units beginning a night-training program. No centering or focusing is required. Hand tighten the ARD only. This fundamental slightly changes due to the height of the sight. Before beginning a night marksmanship program, soldiers must qualify on their assigned weapons during daylight conditions as outlined in the previous chapters of this manual.

At the completion of this lesson you [the student] will: Each field of view has its own advantages and disadvantages.