BorneoPost Online | Borneo, Malaysia, Sarawak Daily News Act will replace Sabah Limitation Ordinance in Labuan. October 17, , Wednesday at . Limitation Act in East and West Malaysia A Comparative Study by Jessy Wan Yuen Mun 72) and the Limitation Ordinance (Sarawak Cap. This Ordinance may be cited as the City of Kuching North .. (a) one half or more of the lot lies within the limits of the City of. Kuching North, the.

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By the payee against the drawer of a bill of Three Years The date of the refusal to accept exchange which has been dishonoured by non-acceptance By the acceptor of an accommodation bill Three Years When the acceptor pays the amount against the drawer of the bill Against a carrier for compensation for Two Years When the loss or injury occurs losing or injuring goods For compensation for libel One year When the libel is published 1 Upon a judgment obtained in Sarawak, or Twelve Years The date of the judgment or any judgment within the meaning of the recognizance Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Superior Courts Limitatioj,registered in Sarawak pursuant to that Ordinance, or a recognizance For money payable to the plaintiff for Three Years Ordinaance the accounts are pimitation in money found to be due from the writing signed by the defendant or defendant to the plaintiff on accounts his agent duly authorised in this stated between them behalf, save where the debt is, by a simultaneous agreement in writing signed sarwak aforesaid, made payable at a future time, and then when that time arrives By a vendor of immovable property, to Three Years The time fixed for completing the enforce his lien for unpaid purchase- sale, or, where the title is accepted money after the time fixed for completion, the date of the acceptance For relief on the ground of mistake Three Sarawzk When the mistake becomes known to the plaintiff For money deposited under an agreement Three Years When the demand is made 3 aarawak it shall be payable on demand Against a mortgagee or charge, to redeem Sixty Years When the right to redeem or to or to recover possession of immovable recover possession accrues property mortgaged or charged END 9 Compiled by: For compensation for injury to the person Three Years When the injury is committed including, where death results from such injury, compensation to the family of the deceased Remember me on this computer.

To access the sqrawak, please click here absolutely free of chargeto access the Premium page which will include the table. For compensation for the breach of any Three Years When oedinance contract is broken, or contract, express or implied, not in writing where there are successive breaches, and not herein specially provided for when the breach in respect of which the suit is instituted occurs, or, where the breach is continuing, when it ceases Part IV — Six Years By a mortgagor or charger after the Three Years When the mortgagor or charger re- mortgage or charge has been satisfied, to enters on the mortgaged or charged recover surplus collections received by the property mortgagee or charge Compiled by: For compensation for slander One year When the words are spoken, or if the words are not actionable in themselves, when the special Compiled by: By a limitaton of land at a sale in Twelve Years The date of the sale execution of a decree for possession of the purchased land, when the judgment-debtor was in possession at the date of the sale On a single bond, where a day is specified Three Years The day so specified for payment For the price of trees or growing crops Three Years The date of the sale sold by the plaintiff to the defendant, limitatkon no fixed period of credit is agreed upon Compiled by: On a bond subject to a condition Three Years When the condition is ordinnce On a bill of exchange or promissory note Three Years When ljmitation bill or note falls due payable at a fixed time after date Like suit, when the plaintiff sarwaak become Twelve Years When the forfeiture is incurred or entitled by reason of any forfeiture or the condition is broken breach of condition Against one who, ordinanxe a right to use Two Years When the perversion first becomes property for specific purposes, perverts it known to the person injured to other purposes thereby In the Sabah and Sarawak jurisdictions, however, the limitation in both regions is sixty years, whilst for the arrears of land, the limitation period for the West Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak jurisdictions are equally limited to six years.


Upon any other contract to indemnify Three Years When the plaintiff is actually damnified To cancel or set aside an instrument not Three Years When the facts entitling the plaintiff otherwise provided for to have the instrument cancelled or set aside become known to him On a policy of insurance when the sum Three Years When proof of the death or loss is assured is payable immediately after proof given or received to or by the of the death or loss has been given to or insurers, whether by or from the received by the insurers plaintiff, or any other person Click here to sign up.

By an advocate for his costs of a suit or a Three Years The date of the termination of the particular business, there being no express suit or business, limitatioh, where the agreement as to the time when such costs advocate properly discontinues the are to be paid suit or business, the date of such discontinuance For money payable for money lent Three Years When the loan is made For compensation for any malfeasance, Two Years When the malfeasance, misfeasance misfeasance or non-feasance independent or non-feasance takes place of contract and not herein specially provided for Part III — Three Years On a promissory note or bond payable by Three Years The expiration of the first term of instalments payment, as to the part then payable; and for the other parts, the expiration of the respective terms of 4 payment For money payable to the plaintiff for Three Years When the money is ordinnance money paid irdinance the defendant Compiled ljmitation To set aside any of the following sales: For compensation limitationn the breach of a Six Years When the period of limitation contract in writing would begin to run against a suit brought on a similar contract not in writing For the profits of immovable property Three Years When the profits are received, or belonging to the plaintiff which have been where the plaintiff has been wrongfully received by the defendant dispossessed by a decree afterwards set aside on appeal, when he recovers possession To declare the forgery of an instrument Three Years When the issue or registration issued or registered becomes known to the plaintiff For wages not otherwise expressly Three Years When the wages accrue due provided for by this Schedule 6 For an account and a share of the profits Three Years The date of the dissolution of a dissolved partnership On a bill of exchange payable at sight, or Three Years When the bill is presented after sight, but not at a fixed time To recover movable property conveyed or Twelve Years The date of the purchase bequeathed in trust, deposited or pawned and afterwards bought from the trustee, depositee or pawnee for a valuable consideration No search term specified.


On a promissory note given by the maker Three Years The date of the delivery to the to a third person sarawai be delivered to the payee payee after a certain event should happen Other suits by principals against agents for Three Years When the neglect or misconduct neglect or misconduct becomes known to the plaintiff For a call by a company registered under Three Years When the call is payable any Ordinance On a bill of exchange or promissory note Three Years When the fixed time expires payable at a fixed time after sight or after demand For the price of goods sold and delivered Three Years When the period of credit expires to be paid for after the expiry of a fixed period of credit