Results 1 – 48 of You are Here: Home» Store Home» RC Parts» Hyper 7 TQ / PBS Buggy . L HYPER 7 (LONG) REAR LOWER ARM-2PCS. The OFNA Hyper 7 PBS is the ultimate off-road vehicle for leisure and competition. Superior performance, rugged features, and exhilirating speed all at a great. Thinking of upgrading my Hyper 7 to PBS suspension front and rear. Can anyone give me a run down of the advantages? Cost and parts.

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Hyper 7 TQ / PBS Buggy

You have a great chassis and a great Motor so start from there and have fun. Find More Posts by Firefighter7.

I wouldn’t change the PBS no matter what others say. Right now ive got a little bit of toe out in the front, and have touched the toe in the rear.

Sign In Sign Up. Cool, got big bore shocks too Big engines accelerate like poo even if you mess with the CB size.

I would have to disagree with that to be honest. Send a private message to hasminor. Thats good to hear, we have a very small ‘ x 50’ tight techinal track at our club and steering is a huge issue. PBS Is what i would go with. This hobby is loads cheaper but I’ve got the same addictions. Oh okay im not a racer so getting the most speed isnt everything what i want is something thats tougher to do jumps and stuff.


Thinking of upgrading my Hyper 7 to PBS suspension front and rear.

After i searched around i found the right setup and now with my V-spec i’m among obs fastest if not the fastest!!!! Send a private message to Zonk. Ive never really gotten srious about tuning, but after seeing how my PBS runs now i would like to make it even better.

Posted July 1, BUT more on the driver. Sign in with Google.

OFNA Racing – Hyper 7 PBS RTR

Modern not 10yrs old. The thing is, right now i dont know whjat all these different tuning adjustments, do and what each of there pros and cons are, and when to use them, but i know i used to have a very in-depth tuning guide saved to my PC, and I REALLY need a link to one of those so i can print it out so when i go to my loacl track, i know what adjustments to make.

Even with a PBS set-up you loose a lil steering but for he3lp in the corners set up the brakes for a lil more in the rear and it should be no problem. I haven’t broken a thing on my hyper except one rear upright when running at very low temps and the plastics are hard.


I race a Subaru P1 normally The Hyper 7 isnt a begginers buggy its more of an intermediate buggy. Posted Hypre7 26, I know this is kind of an old thread but i keep breaking the steering knuckles, do you think i should just get the cnc ones or save up and get the PBS conversion? Send a private message to gerwen.

I modded the rear sway bar so it would fit the front, and i have the stock rear sway bar in the back. As for it as a beginners buggy Posted July 2, Plus Mugen has Huper7 up front so! Perfect setup, all the best light bits but strong Find More Posts by hasminor. Register a new account.

Find More Posts by vti-chris. This thing is tough!!!!!