The Herbie Hancock Collection (Artist Transcriptions. Piano) [Herbie Hancock] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Artist Transcriptions). This one is from Herbie’s classic Maiden Voyage album. The piece is constructed of rubato head and jazz waltz solo section. The Eb-7/F (F. This isn’t the flashiest Herbie I’ve heard (compared to his solo on “No More Blues” Labels: #ttmusic Blue Note Herbie Hancock Transcriptions.

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Having to transcribe Charlie Parker solos was a scarry thought for a 19 year old kid.

There might have been a Rhodes in the back but he didn’t play it. This would mean he had the same piano for sextant crossings mwandisihi and headhunters and thrust, then for manchild, sunlight, and secrets, then another new one for feets dont fail, monster, etc How long did this take to accomplish?

That’s what I’ve strived to get out of my studio suitcase. The amplification did a lot to the Fender Rhodes mkI sound.

But the first time I believe is at the 7: I’m gradually trying to transcribe all of Herbie’s back-catalogue from that era Thanks I don’t take it as such, I think we’re both of the same opinion! Too often you see note-for-note hetbie, where the transcriber just transcripttions the notes and completely ignores the time feel.

Nice of you to share your stuff here with all of of us. Rhythm is greatly understudied in my opinion. Their inner experience of a “rhythmic bed” is much more hidden or covert. Tom — what you’re saying about mods sounds right to me — I actually went through the article looking for comments from the tech, but didn’t see them.

Herbie Hancock exact, note-for-note transcriptions on Rhodes – MusicPlayer Forums

I have played with a very large number of equally diversified musicians over my career. Herbie Hancock exact, note-for-note transcriptions on Rhodes [ Re: Paul Harrison Senior Member Registered: It’s always great to meet other Herbie aficionados!


The thing about Herbie is he doesn’t look back, always forwardwilling to try new things, expand his playing into new areas. Page 3 of 3.

And listening to Master’s play, speaks to me I won’t be stopping any time soon. The solo part is saying Essential especially with Herbie’s Rhodes stuff. Resolution 88 Senior Member Registered: These broke very often and I needed a lot of replacement tines within the 1st 2 years of ownership.

The bottom line is – out of all the transcription books I’ve seen, I’ve always looked at them and then gone back and done it properly myself. A deep grasp of rhythm is a prerequisite for playing the way HH does. I suppose it counts as a prototype if he had it modified to have the effects loop jacks before they were added to the production model.

There are many factors at play, not least the musician playing it plus the Harrison console used to record an album like Sunlight, but surely that particular Rhodes that Herbie used must still be one of the best sounding in the world. The reason I will attempt to articulate! Never got around to that one. I have no clue how to have access to this information; whether a church organ or a Stradivari or a Rhodes.

Even though the notes were written out for me I wonder if anyone here has ever considered and transcribed an earlier section of Chameleon that I can’t seem to get precisely. I can tell you, that playing with them, backs this belief of mine up. Thank you for this. People go on about the model ‘E’ hire Rhodes being one of the greatest ever examples but in my opinion, the Rhodes sound from Herbie’s mid 70’s albums is the greatest ever recorded Trajscriptions sound.


In one section he did some really nice things with a vocoder.

This aspect of music is seldom addressed. This was most evident Sunday. These are all inner, in nature, personal, nothing directly to do with music theory, or reading music. You are not logged in. When musicians solo, they are most definitely not hearing the same rhythms that another person is hearing. Can’t wait to see more. Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode.


I hebie failed at copping Bootsy’s music, which was a part of James’ music. None of the above takes one iota away from the very good, helpful work you have done and continue to do.

Thanks, Tom Originally Posted By: The solo only gives a hint at what rhythmic world the player was choosing from. The key to all Herbie solos or any other legendary jazz pianist, for that matter is that not only do you have to find the notes, you have to nail the feel and the dynamics, the phrasing too.

Previous Topic Index Next Topic. It’s all good in other words – transcription and learning from your inspirations is a must, in my opinion. They played much of his earlier fusion stuff, ie Chameleon, Watermelon Man, but that mostly consisted of quoting the head then going off into wonderful solos and ensemble playing loosely based on the melody.

When you say a stock Rhodes, I don’t know. Add to your Watched Users. I’ve got a very busy period coming up but I’ll try my hardest to keep the videos flowing.