Path of the Warrior written by Gav Thorpe is the first book in the Path of the Eldar Series. It follows Korlandril, starting from the Path of the Artisan, to and through. Gav Thorpe . Death was no stranger to those that trod the Path of the Warrior. turned to Ulthanesh, second greatest warrior of the eldar, sword-bearer, raven-. Bellarius takes a look at the first installment of the recently ended Path of the Eldar series by Gav Thorpe and published by Black Library.

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Thiriana is the pseudo-love interest for both Korlandril and Aradryan. Because I do not have an extensive past in Warhammer 40k, I cannot comm When I purchased this book with the purpose of reconnecting with my father through his old te, one of them being Warhammer 40k, I was not expecting to read great fiction, which is often the sort of writing I expose myself to.

I enjoyed it very much. Flat and dull writing defeated me. Nov 01, Alaidra rated it really liked it. However what really drags this book down though is the bits surrounding the humans themselves. Gav Thorpe is getting better and better!

Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe – FictionDB

It only takes him two battles to reach the end of his path and become an exarch. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. I will admit that some of the shifts in perspective, and shifts in time between the present and flashbacks of the past are jarring. Speaking of the names, I know that Eldar Warriors cannot be called Bill, or Colin, or anything simple – but it became tiresome trying to work out the floral pronunciations of these characters.


All good geek satisfaction. During his transformation, Gav Thorpe truly did give an exquisite representation of what it is like to become an Aspect Warrior. Apr 29, Cody Grey rated it it was ok. To any Aeldari players, I highly recommend you read this book.

The Eldar are incredibly deep. Regular readers of science fiction are unlikely to find much to impress here, especially when considering the impressive heights that Black Library novels can reach. Revolving around an Eldar sculptor, Korlandril, who has taken to the Path of the Artist, after having taken to two other Paths, his tale begins as the other three akin books do, with an old friendly reunion. His dry manner of writing should have been perfect for the eldar who focus upon self-restraint and control but he dropped the ball here.

Gav Thorpe proved to the reader he was capable of perfectly mimicking an Eldar’s perspective of art by giving a vivid description of Korlandril’s latest sculpture, a monument dedicated to Isha, one of their goddesses.

Paperbackpages. Learn more click to open popover Customers who viewed this item also viewed Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 This shopping feature will continue to load items. He fights two count that. However, Korlandril isn’t warror likable, he’s self-centered and very childish.

Seriously, the book bogs down itself thanks to the single-mindedness nature of every single Aspect of the Eldar warrior. Not a super satisfying ending though, is obviously meant to be read as part of a trilogy.

  DA 2166-8 PDF

Path of the Warrior

Also, how much time does the main character spend on the warrior path? This is the only thing worth reading in this novel.

A real glimpse of life as an alien. His comrades, his master, his love, I can’t see anything interesting in them.

Some of the book is a bit stilted and feels very formal, but that is appropriate This is a tough bookj for a GW fan to be objective about. There is a clear progression of him becoming a warrior, but it is squashed beneath ham handed attempts to show this. I warruor a newcomer to this universe but it is only with this slice of pulp fiction about the Eldar by Gav Thorpe that truly won me over.

The story is about Korlandril who at the start of the novel is an artist. I like the Eldar focus of the novel, which concerns a young Eldar changing his path in life from artist to warrior.

Overall thodpe is a damn fine novel and absolutely essential reading if you are even remotely interested in the Eldar. If I were to be a dirty, dirty, space elf, I would totally follow the path of the dreamer.