Dmitry Orlov’s book “Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet example and American Prospects” () is such a book. Dmitry Orlov has a. Reinventing Collapse has ratings and 70 reviews. Dmitry Orlov’s Reinventing Collapse is about the United States falling in on itself and what may come. Orlov’s book Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects , published in , further details his.

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Not only is the book funny and pleasant to read, reinvejting there is also value in reading a text with such a strange and thought-provoking perspective! Not that I’m disputing the direness of American prospects for collapse or even Orlov’s view on how this might unfold.

If you think of America as an exceptional orpov, you may take umbrage at Orlov’s characterization of Americans as overfed with unreal, unnourishing foods, overmedicated with various psychoactive drugs, conditioned to the indentured servitude of mortgages and private health insurance. In this book he describes in concrete details the things he saw traveling in the former Soviet Union during and after that government’s implosion and offers his thoughts on why things fell apart there.

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But as far as it goes, reinventig considers ideas that many Americans would do well to consider. Dec 26, Odhran rated it liked it Shelves: Foreword Reviews and Clarion Reviews make no guarantee that the author will receive a positive review.

Reinventing Collapse in the US | The Tyee

It’s certainly not essential reading on the topic. May 22, Idleprimate rated it liked it Shelves: It is a fast read but I find myself wanting to return to it, to take more time to consider the parallels Orlov draws between the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse that he hypothesizes as coming for the United States.


Dmitry Orlov’s Reinventing Collapse is about the United States falling in on itself and what may come after the dissolution of the so-called empire. Despite this, many homes remained heated, all lights stayed on, nobody starved to death, and the trains ran on time.

Orlov has no ddmitry expectations, and his view is therefore very different and strange to us Swedes who essentially have high confidence in politicians and the political system:. But the handwriting is on the wall in the form of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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“Reinventing collapse” by Orlov () – Resilience

They were able to bounce back — temporarily. Reviewed by Richard Skaff June 28, Thus, on this point as well, the U. Olrov the Soviet collapse, it turned out to be the successful middle-aged men who were the most psychologically vulnerable. Most all housing was state-owned, so there were no landlords or mortgage holders to evict people out into the street when they could no longer pay rent.

Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects

For-profit medicine is an institution of highly questionable merit. English Choose a language for shopping. Views Read Edit View history. That, combined with a crushing national debt hovering over Washington D.

What Orlov instead praises are people without strong convictions — people who mind their own business and who do what needs to be done, and refrain from being bothered about how others should live their lives. Who knows, you might even thrive with a little advance preparation. Though headlines declaring the end of America won’t appear anytime soon, Orlov forecasts that collapse will happen for each person individually, as they are rudely awakened from the American Dream. Articulate and very witty author.


Contrasted to the Russian work ethic during the latter stage of Soviet decline, Orlov says that someone who worked hard and played hard was considered a fool. Overall, I think it’s a valuable addition to anyone’s library and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy book to read in the political nonfiction category.

The bedrock Orlov bases his book on is that the economic system of the US, depending as it does on a vast supply of oil and foreign credit, will collapse on As Orlov states himself, his book is an exercise in imagination-stretching.

Dmitry Orlov (writer)

The preview text on the back cover pretty much addresses most of the content of the book. They wisely did emitry create a nightmare of endless sprawling suburbs. Even greater cause for concern is that he has been doing so sinceand his predictions have been proving true at alarming accuracy.

This means that Americans are either in a job they are not at liberty to quit, which is a form of indentured servitude, or are one accident away from becoming slaves reinventinf their medical debt, which is another form of indentured servitude And he only thinks about how individuals can adapt to the collapse of the United States, not about any future reconstitution.

reinvenfing Lists with This Book. Quite interes I tend to rush through books, intent on the story rather than read them slowly savouring the characters, plot twists, dialog etc.