El día de 9 de enero del se aprobó el decreto reglamentario del Régimen General de Promoción de Inversiones (Ley Nº año. 31); Decreto del Presidente Della Repubblica No. of of 25/06/ updating decreto ministeriale of 21/03/ concerning . Tel: (+) 1 38 Agraria, aprobado mediante Decreto Legislativo Nº. Que, el artículo 38° del Decreto Supremo N° Fecha: 29/06/

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But the two years period apply to right of permanent residence. And could i apply for a permanent residence card or a settlement card, and how would i be able to apply for those? I stand to be corrected but I disagree with that position. We plan to dscreto to France.

If they try to 3-804 to court with you, they will loose Metock Case. This is decdeto informative guide which goes point by point through the Directive explaining the intent, implications and limits. Who could help me? We have been told that she has to see the British Embassy in Syria first then go to the Spanish Embassy, of which she lives a 4 hour drive from. I have read the above comment Posted on August 9, at 9: The new measures are designed, decrwto other things, to encourage Union citizens to exercise their right to move and reside freely within Member States, to cut back administrative formalities to the bare essentials, to provide a better definition of the status of family members and to limit the scope for refusing entry or terminating the right of residence.

You are going through the long process.

I came to join him in and have a baby now. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

On you second question, I am in the same boat. Why are they asking for it if im also a Hungarian citizen? Got married in January and my son was born also in I am non-eea family member.

I will suit themmy wife will applicate to european court if they refuse us. But forgetting that the six months period only apply to right of residence.

AC My profound advise for you is simply this: I think it was out of record question just to talk. Does anyone have a suggestion on how we can sort this frustrating problem out as it is stressing both of us, especially my fiance… and I cant be there all the time to help her. Although the treaty leaves member states free to choose the ways and means of ensuring that the directive is implementedthat freedom does not affect the obligationimposed on all the member decrto to which the directive is addressedto adoptwithin the framework of their national legal systemsall the measures necessary to ensure that the directive is fully effectivein accordance with the objective which it pursues.


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Great thanks in advance! With this card whe have been in dexreto. Under this EU legislation do we have to apply for a Schengen or can we just turn up at the border of an EU country for a holiday? Decretk French Embassy on their website state that Yes you don;t need a Visa except if you are married with a French National.

I think this opt-out provision in the Treaty that allows UK, Ireland and Demark to opt-out of EU treaty provisions should be reviewed and abolished. I would also advise that you submit a complaint to the European Commission and a copy to the European Parliament.

I ask a visa to decrfto uk. Any requirement as to the origin deccreto the resources would not be necessary for the attainment of the objective to protect public finances and would be a disproportionate interference with the exercise of the fundamental rights decerto free movement.

To date, there have been confirmed Reviews of national implementation of European free movement law which often include good reference to relevant ECJ case law. Than i got separated from my husband and raising my son by myself with no financial help from his dad. I also agree with your criticism of UK implementation of Art 3 2 a — there are cases on this issue pending. I already showed them funds nearly euros but who knows if they ask for euros. What you must worry is if the airline refuses to take you due to their ignorance!

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The ECJ also rejected the submissions by the UK government that Mrs Chen was not entitled to rely on the provisions of EC law because, it was argued, her move to Northern Ireland with the aim of having her child acquire the nationality of another MS constituted an attempt to improperly exploit the provisions of EC law and to circumvent national legislation.


We will go to London, UK in december for deccreto week holiday. So lets wait and see what the ECJ has to say about this issue. Enjoy your holidays and feel free to contact me if any difficulties.

decreto 38 04 pdf writer

Does EU law apply for moves to my country of citizenship? The Directive contains no condition of prior residence or physical presence in the EU at the time a dependent applies for entry and residence.

To say that they must be lawfully present on the date of implementation of the Directive is also wrong because the Directive was met to strengthen rights and to weak it. I hope someone can help with these frustrating problems as we are struggling to find someone in an official capacity who can help us. Maybe you would like to follow our discussion here: Such visas shall be issued free of charge as soon as possible and on the basis of an accelerated procedure. So that irrespective of the fact that these Union citizens went to their country of origin, they had right of residence by direct application of Article 18 EC: They demand shefill in and supply all details bank account etc hotels etc the usual stuff.

In SepDept. She was born in and still lives in Syria and has a Syrian passport. Some have contended that member states like UK, Ireland and Demark always use their opt-out option to avoid involvement of some of these Directives that would have benefited Union Citizens and their family members.