Death Korps of Krieg formations come in two types: companies and support formations. Each company you include in the army allows you to field any two. A full platoon of Astra Militarum infantry; 51 resin miniatures in total; Includes a Death Korps Command section, 6 heavy weapon teams and 4, man infantry. I’ve played 8th for a couple of months very casually with a Death Guard I stumbled upon some Death Korps of Krieg miniatures and boy do they look cool. make also sure to get the normal Astra Mimitarum Codex from GW.

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Other superior choices, provided you can get them in, include an Inquisitor or Guilliman who will both need their own detachment to avoid breaking Doctrine, which isn’t hard for Guilliman since he’s a Lord of War choiceor an Astropath or Primaris Psyker using the Fearless power which the Inquisitor also has.

Beware gimped charge range against squishy distant enemies. Lost a lot of its thriftyness with the Shadowsword, Banehammer, and Banesword now matching it in price. Or go Hover early, wipe something out, then zip around soaking fire for the rest of the game.

Want to haul an entire platoon of Korpsmen? However, you trade all this for the lack of ability to fire after moving without a penalty to hit and have a poor range of 36 inchesthe korpp of T8 to survive plasma and anti-tank morp that is usually S7 and above, and worst of all, you score less hits than a basilisk, Manticore or most Leman Russes codec grinding advance with your single D6.

Chuck an infantry squad into the enemies path, retreat in your turn then issue Get back in the fight to the unit that retreated and then toast the fuckers with your flamers. I don’t like heavy weapons because 2 shotguns are better than either heavy flamers or mole mortars and unlike Guard HWTs, they don’t get to keep even 1 shotgun.

Death Korps of Krieg Tactics [ edit ] Deathriders are perhaps the single greatest edge you have over any other IG regiment, Rough Riders simply cannot compare although they do make excellent tank hunters.

It is entirely legal – and fluffy – for your Field Officer, his assigned Vox operator having been killed, to run to a nearby squad of Grenadiers and commandeer their Vox Codxe to continue sending orders! What do you start with? A bit less powerful than in 7E due to the new mechanics, but it can be fired safe so it’s ok.


Ogryn can fit in Valkyries. Using Astra Militarum orders is at your own risk.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Death Korps of Krieg Siege Regiment(7E)

They haven’t found their niche yet. As the title says – I can’t find them on forgeworld and none of the reviews, I can find, have points costs and such. Don’t throw units away, but dont be afraid to sacrifice units, if needed.

The original badass of the skies can hold 12 Astra Militarum Infantry; Ogryn count as 3 models.

The durability comes at a cost: The only reason not to bring these guys would be if you ran out of Elites slots, because Primaris Psykers are HQs. This order is primarily useful on Objectives, where you dare not Fall Back or you’ll cease to contest. I dont see what is wrong here. If you already have it or Deaty Orders, issue one extra order instead Tank Commanders don’t koorp infantry orders. West coast, USA Faction: After five hundred standard years of atomic fire, continent-spanning trench warfare, and thunderous artillery barrages, the attempted secession of Krieg was halted, but at great cost: M41, thirty Krieg regiments arrived on Kalf to receive orders.

Death Korps of Krieg | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Plasmaguns are the clearly best choice here, but I built all mine with melta-guns and don’t intent for that to change also keeping all the weapons as assault gives me the option of advancing if I need to without investing an order. May be a valid option on a aircraft that can hold its own without extra missile firepower. Is there a place I can purchase the rule book or a digital PDF or something?

This opens up some interesting listbuilding ideas, such as combining mechguard troops with Skitarii snipers or Cult Mech deathrobots, as the Enginseer can repair whatever he pleases from either list as long as they share the same Forge World. Even better, Grav-Chute Deployment allows you to put anybody it can carry 9″ away from the enemy I have 25 of them myself, and wouldn’t mind having more!

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In case you have missed it, Summary Execution is an optional re-roll now. Company Commanders with Draconian Disciplinarianand Kell, both allow optional Ld re-rolling without shooting up a guy, which is superior to Summary Execution, although they don’t boost Ld by themselves. Unlike with Scions the number of Special weapons Grenadiers can take does not depend on the number of models in the unit so they can unfortunately only have two Specials max.

War would become all that they would ever know — raised to fight from the cradle to the grave. The Commissars cannot apply the leadership buff, but still give Summary Execution, and are a point cheaper to boot because unlike normal Commissars, they can take a Chainsword No Cost and a Laspistol No Cost. Furthermore, there is no more rear AV10 to target anymore. They don’t waver when their mates drop dead, in fact, they get happier.

The commissars in that force stay with the main army applying blam to the cowards in conscript blobs, they dont move with the ambush team.

If you are getting your men close preferably via a transport or Valkyrie melta can be the better option. Games Workshop has been lax about propagating errata to their errata page, so FAQ links are included below. Use this stratagem at the beginning of your shooting phase; select a unit of Scout Sentinels. For 3 points more than a Battle Cannon, you lose 36″ of range and only hit at S6.

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This, combined with the fact that most of the units you’ll cast it on – those with high points-per-model where Battleshock kriet most painful – are high leadership, have ways around it, or can just deny your powers to begin with, makes it highly situational, and while it’s not useless, it’s probably the least useful power in the discipline. Fire on my position! Its short 18″ range also makes it unable to rapid fire right after an Aerial Drop.