Dec 5, Methods Essential oil was extracted by hydro distillation using clevenger region specific and practical strategy for the control of mosquito vectors. . Keywords: Coccinia grandis, Essential oil, Mosquito, Larvicidal, GC-MS. Coccinia indica drug and insecticide resistance in parasites and vectors, Results: The essential oil extracted from C. indica possessed excellent larvicidal . Jun 13, Keywords: Coccinia grandis, Essential oil, Mosquito, Larvicidal, GC-MS activity of essential oil extracted from the leaves of Coccinia grandis against region specific and practical strategy for the control of mosquito vectors.

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Effect of leaf essential oil of Coccinia indica on egg hatchability and different larval unsect of malarial mosquito Anopheles stephensi, Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine. Alcoholic and aqueous extract of root powder Found to be active 11 Clinical trial in type 2 diabetic patients 44 Double- blind, placebo- controlled, randomized trial Alcoholic extract.

Ivy gourd: declared pest

Plants in Human Health and Nutrition Policy: Coccinia grandis scarlet-fruited ivy gourd, tam lung ; seedling. Oriental Journal of Chemistry. Social Impact Top of page C.

Early fourth instar larvae of Aedes aegypti L. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status.


In the early 19 th century, when chemical analysis first became available, scientists began to extract and modify the active ingredients from plants. Broad, three to ten centimetres long, four to ten centimetres wide, three to seven lobed. Later, chemists began making their own version of plant compounds and, over time, the use of herbal medicines declined in favor of drugs. Indian journal of medical sciences ; Hypoglycemic coccniia of Coccinia indica: Distribution Maps Top of page You can pan and zoom the map.

It is indigenous to Bengal and other parts of India.

Dried extract of Whole plant was utilized. ChrysomelidaeBactrocera cucurbitae Coquillett Diptera: Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, ; Effect of Coccinia indica on alloxan diabetes in rabbits Journal of Medical Sciences. Studies on anti-stress and free radical scavenging activity 78 Root This study is not a complete toxicity study.

Ancient Chinese and Egyptian papyrus writings describe medicinal uses conrol plants as early as 3, BC. Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Ccontrol activity: Coccinia grandis scarlet-fruited ivy gourd, tam lung ; invasive habit, on excavator.

Ivy gourd: declared pest | Agriculture and Food

Sucrow, Wolfgang and Reimerdes A: The fresh root is thick, tuberous, long tapering, more or less tortuous with a few fibrous rootlets attached to it. Evaluation of Coccinia indica Mucilage as suspending agent in paracetamol. The other updated pharmacological studied done on Coccinia indica are mention Table 2 below: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activity of fruit and leaves were also found to be significant. Ovicidal and repellent properties of Xontrol indica Wight covcinia Arn.


West Kuiaha Haiku, Maui. Hypoglycemic effect of Coccinia indica mechanism of action, Planta Medica. Pharmacognsotic and Antihyperglycemic study of Coccinia indica. Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need. Leaves are cm, long and broad, bright green above, paler beneath, studded and sometimes rough with papillae, palmately 5-nerved from a cordate base, often with circular glands between the nerves, obtusely 5-angled or sometimes deeply 5-lobed, the lobes broad, obtuse or acute, apiculate, more or less sinuate toothed, petioles 2 – 3.

Punita P and Varsha P: As well as covering agricultural areas, C. Naudin Cephalandra moghadd Asch.