Chenrezig Sadhana. An introduction to Vajrayana practice, the liturgy of. Chenrezig Sadhana | Columbus Karma Thegsum Chöling. Preliminary Refuge. From this moment until the heart of enlightenment is reached , I and all sentient beings as limitless as the sky, Go for refuge to all the.

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Make the following xhenrezig, thinking that all beings are making it with you as if in a single voice: By the merit of this practicegenerosity and so chenrezog, May I achieve Buddhahood For the benefit of all sentient beings. We go for refuge to all the dakas, dakinis, protectors and defenders of the Dharma Who each have the eye of transcending awareness.

His two feet are in the vajra asana. Offering to the Assembly of Buddhas By the virtue of offering to the assembly of Buddhas, Visualized before me, this Mandala, built on a baResplendent with flowers, saffron water and incense, Adorned with Mount Meru and the Four Continents, As well as with the Sun and Moon, May all sentient beings share its effects.

Beseeching the Buddhas to Remain These beings, blinded by ignorance, have no one to guide them. I pray to you, lord protector, Chenresig. The first two are folded in prayer. Seeing these mistakes, I declare all this to you protectors from the depths of my heart. Please live for eons without number.


A stainless moon is his back rest. Prostration I prostrate before all the Buddhas who have come in the past, present and future; to the Dharma; and the highest Assembly, the Sangha, bowing down with bodies as numerous as all the atoms of the world.


I pray to you, perfect noble one, Chenresig. With the power of evil karma gathered from beginningless time, Sentient beings, through the force of anger, Are born as hell beings and experience the suffering of heat and cold. Dedication By the merit I have gathered from all these acts of virtue done in this way, May all the sufferings of every being disappear.

May they all be born in your presence, perfect deity. Offering Just as Manjushri and other Bodhisattvas have made offerings to the Buddhas, so do I make offerings to the Buddhas and their protecting sons. He has four arms.

Chenrezig Sadhana | Lotus Light Center

Taking Refuge three times I take refuge in my Gurus. Lord, not veiled by any fault, white in color Whose head a perfect Buddha crowns in light, Gazing compassionately at all beings, To you, Chenresig, all-seeing one, I prostrate.

Requesting the Teaching With hands pressed together, I request the Buddhas of all directions to light the lamp of Dharma for those who are groping in the darkness of suffering.

Rejoicing With happiness, I rejoice in the ocean of virtues of developing the chenreig of enlightenment chenrrzig to bring joy to all sentient beings and working for everyone’s benefit. We go for refuge to all the supreme Dharma. He is the essence of all those in whom we take refuge. We go for refuge to the noble Sangha. We go for refuge to all the yidams, the deities gathered chenrezit the mandala.

I take refuge in the Dharma. I take refuge in Buddha. O Buddhas, who might wish to pass beyond sorrow, I beseech you with hands pressed together: He gazes with compassionate eyes and lovely smile.


His head ornament is Amitabha, Buddha of boundless light. We go for refuge to all Buddhas, the transcendent accomplished conquerors.

Buddha of great compassion, hold me fast in your compassion.

From time without beginning, beings have wandered in samsara, Undergoing unendurable suffering. They have no other protector than you. Bewildered by the confusion of my ignorance, I have rejoiced in my own and other’s non-virtue. Chenresig arises from this. I pray to you, lord of love, Chenresig. Visualization of the Deity On the crown of the head of myself and all beings, on a moon, on a lotus, is a HRI.

Preliminary Refuge From this moment until the heart of enlightenment is reached, I and all sentient beings as limitless as the sky, Go for refuge to all the splendid accomplished supreme Gurus. He wears an upper robe of doeskin. Please bless them that they may achieve the omniscient state of buddhahood. I take refuge in the Sangha. I pray to you, my chnerezig, Chenresig. The lower two hold a crystal rosary and white lotus. He is arrayed in silks and jewels.

He radiates bright, clear light of five colors. Declaration From beginningless samsara, in this and other lives, I have unwittingly committed many non-virtues or caused others to do the same.