From four-time New York Times bestselling author Bethenny Frankel, the book that started it all: Naturally Thin. Bethenny Frankel, talk show host, “Queen of. Have you read, Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting by Bethenny Frankel? I didn’t think I was. Author Bethenny Frankel share how to stay healthy, eating any food you want in her new book “Naturally Thin.”.

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We torture ourselves constantly, just because we ate a cookie or five cookiesor didn’t go to the gym, or ordered french fries, or had a second helping, or ate carbs or sugar or meat, or can’t fit into our skinny jeans, or aren’t as skinny as the next person.

Eat more real food and less process stuff. I began to shift my perspective.

She is sweet in this picture: Does that sound familiar? Although I have some measurements in my recipes, they are really not very precise. They all sound pretty legit. I devote one chapter to each rule, explaining it in depth so that you will understand what I mean and how naturalpy incorporate the rule into your life.

Book Review: Bethenny Frankel’s “Naturally Thin” | Fit Healthy Moms – Lose Baby Weight – bh

Overall, I didn’t hate this book, but if you want a lifestyle-oriented as opposed to diet plan oriented weight loss book, I would recommend “French Women Don’t Get Fat” or Darya Pino’s “Foodist” instead. No one’s called me that since the ninth grade. And for the first time in my life, my weight is completely and surprisingly consistent.

Especially those of us who are truly sick and tired of the word “diet. You might have read one of my health blogs, seen one of my YouTube videos about healthy cooking, or read my column in Health magazine.


I think her rules make a lot of sense and are some great tennents to live by. After all, it’s your body. I get that she was trying to drill her naturaly in but please don’t insult my intelligence. It has a lot betuenny purpose, and it is really great. I see myself going back and rereading bits often. The New York Times bestseller Naturally Thin thiin how anyone can banish their Heavy Habits, embrace Thin Thoughts, and enjoy satisfying meals, snacks, and drinks without the guilt.

Being naturally thin has radiated out to everyone I know. Kim Jong Un reaffirms commitment to denuclearization in letter to South Korea. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. That seems weird and very wasteful to me, unless you’re scrupulous about using the nahurally. Start practicing now, and in just days you’ll feel more like yourself again.

She gives tips and guidelines to be healthy for life while still losing weight. This allows me to totally fill my plate at each meal, but no actually overeat.

Kim Jong Un expected to ring in with big policy speech. Not a bad book to read bethenn get ideas to better your health, but use your own discreation of what is good for you. Then you give up and tell yourself, “Well, I might as well just eat the whole double cheese pizza because dieting is just too hard. The point of diminishing taste, or whatever it is: Or do you find yourself overwhelming compelled to snuggle up with the whole bag and eat the heck out of it?

Rooted in Frankel’s own struggles “twenty years suffering through diet hell”her rules include some familiar ideas smartly recast “Your diet is a bank account” is a personal-finance gloss on “you are what you eat” and each has a couple recipes attached Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms.


You will be one of those people that others look at and wonder, “How does she stay so thin? There is a lot of stigma against talking about the possibility of women being fat or ugly. The premise of Naturally Thin is that you can live your life eating everything you love. Most of the chapters in this book also include recipes at the end.

And, most important, I am not in charge of you. Unfortunately, the humor just doesn’t translate at all into print.

That’s just me being nitpicky though. I was extremely disappointed by the writing. Life is too short to waste obsessing over fat grams or carb grams or never, ever exceeding 1, calories a day.

For me, it’s not about being “skinny”, it’s about being healthy and in control of what I eat. They just eat smaller portions without all the snacking and junk food. But it’s not a line. She outlines her ten rules for a naturally thin lifestyle, among them reducing portion size, thinking of your diet as a bank account, and limiting the amount of processed food you eat.

Naturally Thin

I remember ripping out frrankel diet pages in magazines from a very young age; and over the years, I’ve tried all the diets. Not an easy thing for moms to do. At our house I only eat off our salad plates.

She also recommends scooping out the inside of a bagel which I would never do–those are just too good. Aug 10, Caitlin rated it liked it Shelves: