The latest Tweets from Baki Gazel (@gzlgzlgzlgzl1). BAKİ İLETİŞİM ELEKTRONİK. Baki als Ghazeldichter, Sbirka Pojednani a Rozprav IX (Prague, Nakladem . The following analysis of one gazel from the divdn of Baki, perhaps the best-. People have often doubted the sincerity of Baki’s sentiments and he was caught out Some were authors of gazel and kaside, others of rubai, but all of them.

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Bleak stand the orchard trees, all clad in tattered dervish rags; Dark Autumn’s blast hath torn away the hands from off the plane.

Within her ward, with garments rent, on all sides rosy-cheeked ones stray; Fuzuli, through those radiant hues, that quarter beams a garden fair. Fuzuli, blush not then, should I from mankind turn my face away; For why? Baqi, within the garden lies full many a fallen leaf; Low lying there, it seems they ‘gainst the winds of Fate complain. In Reply To The Preceding.

Let not opportunity slip by, silent there; Unto us the beauty of each word declare. To whomsoe’er I’ve told my woes, in hope to find some balm therefor, Than e’en myself o’erwhelmed and sunk in deeper, sadder pain I’ve seen. Is’t strange if beauties’ hearts turn blood through envy of thy cheek most fair? As sweeps a scimitar, across earth’s face on every side, Of iron-girded heroes of the world thou threw’st a chain.


They have wrecked Ebu-Hanifa’s city through thy lack of care; Oh, in thee of Islam’s and the Prophet’s zeal, light, is there none? Know we not wherefore in turning off our woes ye thus delay; Day of Reckoning, aye, and question of the poor’s plight, gxzelleri there none? At length is struck the signal drum, and thou hast journeyed hence; Lo! The collected poems of Ashiq are called a “divan,” the usual Persian and Turkish word for such collections; gazellrei very little of the divan of Ashiq has survived.


Medieval Arabiapp. In truth, he was the radiance of rank high and glory great, A Shah, Iskender-diademed, of Dara’s armied state; Gazelleri the dust beneath his feet the Sphere bent low its head; Earth’s shrine of adoration was his royal pavilion’s gate.

Weary and worn by this sad, changeful Sphere, deem not thou him: Drinking the poison of doom, ne’er a remnant Of sweetness’s taste in his mouth did remain. May thy glory’s orchard never see decay!

Athlete of the Universe through self-reliance grows the Heart, With the ball, the SphereTime, Fortunelike an apple doth it play. Since these, while on the earth, all woe resigned met, And patience aye before them in each grief set, When forth they fled from this false, faithless world’s bound, From all those pangs and sorrows they release found!

Poetry was the avocation of the great lawyer’s leisure, and it won him the admiring friendship of the four successive Sultans who reigned during his life. Write a customer review. Taking the keynote for her tune ‘neath in the vaulted sphere, The tambourinist Sun her visage bright had hid away. Thou know’st, O Light of my poor eyes, with tutya mixed are gems full bright, What then if weep on thy path’s dust mine eyes that scatter pearls most clear! O bird most holy!

Gazel by Merve ozdemir on Prezi

The Lofty Decree for his high exaltation Did Equity’s Court, all unlooked for, ordain; Forthwith to the Regions of Eden they bore him, They raised him from earth’s abject baseness and stain.

With us ‘midst the foeman’s flaming streams of scorching fire to plunge, Salamander with experience of Fate dight, is there none? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? One eve, when had the Sun before her radiant beauty bright Let down the veil of ambergris, the musky locks of night; Off had the royal hawk, the Sun, flown from the Orient’s hand, And lighted in the West; flocked after him the crows in flight; To catch the gloomy raven, Night, the fowler skilled, the Sphere, Had shaped the new-moon like the claw of eagle, sharp to smite; In pity at the doleful sight of sunset’s crimson blood, Its veil across the heaven’s eye had drawn the dusky Night.


The eye of understanding looked upon this wondrous sight; At length the soul’s ear learned the secret hid in this which lay: My prayer is ever, “May the babes, his tears, go ‘neath the sod, Or old or young be he who weeps not thee in sad dismay.

The casket, thy sweet mouth, doth hold tazelleri the huri-faced ones all; The virtue of Suleiman’s Ring was that fays thereto fealty sware. To relieve Bagdad, O Hafiz, man of tried might, is there none?

O Thou Majesty of Glory! I can not, unallotted, take my share from wet or dry; From land or from the ocean, from earth or from the gazel,eri The silver or the gold will come, by Providence laid by; I can not grasp aught other than my fortune doth supply.

In life or in death from him never, ay, never Was honor most lofty, most glorious, ta’en! Not a doubt but woe and ruin all the wide world must confound!

The fume of beauty’s and of grace’s censer is thy cheek’s sweet mole, The smoke thereof thy musky locks that spreading fragrant curl and twine; Thy cheek rose-hued doth light its taper at the moon that shines most bright, Its candlestick at grace’s feast is yonder collar fair of thine.

Lovely, indeed, the forms of moon-like maidens are to see Lovely to see, agzelleri ah!