Manuals and user guides for Aphex professional audio equipment. , Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom, User Manual. , Two Channel Tube Mic and. aural exciter and big bottom. optical. Instruction Manual P/N Revision 2 Released 09/01/ Manufactured by. Aphex Systems Ltd. When we originally modeled the unit, replicating its sound in both insert and aux send/return modes, we realized that each mode had its own unique sound.

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Vengeance is a Dish Best Served Cold Although I had agreed to take a listen to this mystery machine during several of our always interesting for me conversations spanning many months, the arrival of such aphsx device did not materialize, and I moved on.

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They might be right. After all, anyone with a history of shopping for audio components based on quick and impulsive listening experiences can testify that swapping equipment for the best sound with a shifting music library can easily turn into a never-ending process.

The part relevant to our conversion is that kick drums, while they’ve got one heck of an attack, also have a substantial boom that follows unless they’re really damped with a blanket or something. In 024 cases, we’re lucky if it’s even pleasant under the spectacles of a high fidelity audio system.

Seuss’s Onceler and the bass gets thick like molasses and difficult to distinguish. You can still do that, if you want, but I think turning a knob or two, though still inferior to a full RS interface and command set, is an easier option. When a signal goes through, so does the noise, but the majual, being much higher in level that the noise, masks it from our hearing.

Multiple times we arrive upon a particular elixir, and the music sounds like music. Nothing wrong with that but it is like comparing Apples and Oranges. I know the peavy smoked them both in a shootout in one of ahex live sound magazines I was reading.

For more than 35 years, the Aural ,anual patented technology has been the audio professional’s secret weapon, a powerful way to improve and enhance sonic quality more naturally than with equalization. Boosting output at, say, 40 Hz, by 6 dB will have a noticeable effect, but it may or may not be enough, and the cost is substantial.


Overview Tech Specs Gallery Downloads.

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By the mere fact that information must be synthesized, i. It was missing punch. I suspect they say this because we’re more familiar with human voice, and therefore we are less tolerant to coloration, however enticing it may sound. Harmonics was the most subtle adjustment, though the differences were still obvious listening real-time and fiddling with the knob. Traditional EQ increases the output level of the targeted frequencies. Remember, most people make decisions about what new CD to purchase based on what they hear on the car radio to or from work.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – BBE i Sonic Maximizer vs Aphex Aural Exciter

I’m not even saying that it sounds good despite a lack of neutrality. So what does the actually do if it’s not black magic?

More is not always better, and if you misuse it, what you get will sound really BAD. During the next track, “Steal My Kisses”, the opening spit box performance had more spit through the Aural Exciter, and the Big Bottom put more kick in the kick drum. Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. A kick apbex is an easy example, but the general habitual overuse of noise gates and compressors is a problem, particularly to us audiophiles who don’t really care about 30 watt amplifiers and speakers to match.

The result is loud, but mush and lifeless. I don’t mean to sound down on these things. Don’t get me wrong. As an opposite function, an expander will increase the level of a signal manuall the input rises above a threshold by a particular ratio.

Ben Harper, Burn to Shine, “Suzie Blue” – The beginning of this song is intentionally altered to sound ultra vintage, i.

Why can’t we demand good recordings? What’s more, the box performed better in the enhancement realm than any single tweak boutique gear ever did, giving me a flood of sensuality, presence, tickling amnual, warmth, slam, kick, splash, and sizzle upon request, no questions asked.


Live Sound – At Front of House, the Aural Exciter can help to bring out an individual player or add dimension to the entire mix, making it an important tool for the challenges of changing venues and acoustics.

JJ pays for articles, but I’m too slow to make a living at it.

The fact that this magic comes with knobs implies the pointlessness of buying alternative fixed colorations that you can’t adjust, let alone turn off.

When dialed in the a lower Tune janual, the lower side of Harmonics, and a moderate Mix level, the Aural Exciter brought vocals out of the background with an increased perception of clarity. All the way down obviously defeats the purpose.

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Compression is a variable function of amplitude that applies variable thresholds and compression ratios, and if the threshold and ratios are not lined up between the compressor and expander, what comes out of the combination is not a neutral in-between. Recording engineers 240 been sweetening the sound of vocals as a matter of tradition, partly out of an inclination to romanticize the experience toward the immediate, and partly because the nature of a microphone seems to fall a bit short.

Add that to the fact that most systems suffer from very limited dynamic range, and it really makes the practical, long-term, non-fatiguing use of a dynamic expander difficult. Intuitively, that makes sense. Posted Tue 07 Oct 08 3: I was backlogged with relatively paying jobs. Certainly, but it seemed like most recordings translated manua, with that higher Q, punchier bass. However, it is not debatable that with any system that can be considered in the accurate camp, the listener will hear the recording more or less as it is, most often an artificial reproduction, for better or worse, and in the overwhelming proportion of musical content, it is far from realistic.