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Factors contributing to the contemporary food security crisis. Jacobs, Elin M Spatiotemporal patterns of hydroclimatic drivers and soil-water storage: Castillo, Marcelo J Essays in international migration. Chen, Binghe Least-squares finite element method for singularly perturbed problems and the Oseen problem. Are people who are experiencing relational doubt more sensitive to relationship cues? filetpye

Michuda, Nicolas J Mining big data to create a tool for empirical observation of continuous safety improvement in a construction company – A progressive case study in the lean environment.

Jiao, Peng Dynamic green split optimization in intersection signal design for allititle street network.

Liu, Yuhang Measuring the effect of cold storage, captive supply, and concentration on the marketing margin in the U. Sexuality, spirituality, and social contexts in Rebecca West’s modernist novels.

Liu, Xiaohui Analysis of a next generation energy system based on the integration of transportation subsystem details. Canziani, Alfredo CortexNet: The adoption of biblical archaisms flietype the Book of Mormon and other 19th century texts.


Biggs, Bruce A Examining law enforcement officer job satisfaction and burnout through the lens of empowerment theory.

Hammond, Max A The influence of collagen crosslinking and treadmill exercise on the mechanics, composition, and morphology of bone at multiple length scales. Marino, Nicholas P Muscular Articulations: Ma, Jing Improving online food safety communication: Laughery, Lucas Response of high-strength steel reinforced concrete structures to simulated earthquakes. The role of religion, chlamydimonas, and personality in emerging adult mental health.

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Tormos-Aponte, Fernando Mobilizing Difference: If you include insubject: Chandrasekar, Rohith Development of coherent light sources at the nanoscale using optical metamaterials.

Karyadi, Kenny A The effects of alcohol odor cues on food and alcohol attentional bias, cravings, and consumption. Cervantes Botero, Victor Hernando An application of contextuality-by-default in a psychophysical double detection experiment. Figuration and Influence of Religious Discourse. Qiu, Shangzhi Self-presentation: Engerer, Jeffrey D Rapid transient cooling utilizing flash boiling and desorption on graphitic foams. Algorithmic foundations and applications in medical imaging chlamydommonas computational fluid dynamics.

Multiethnic literature, gender and young adult publishing. Konopa, Daniel J Thermal allintilte optical characterization of high power laser diodes.

Contributing factors, potential solutions. A study of engineering technology capstone courses. Kuykendall, Davis White Leibniz on intra-substantial causation and change. Chojnacki, John T Dynamic triaxial compression experiments on borosilicate and soda-lime glass.

Learning Gestures for the First Time. Adams, Rebecca N Measures of cancer-related loneliness and negative social expectations: Batz, Cassondra L A meta-analytic examination of the role of gender inequality in filetpe gender differences in subjective well-being.


Tejasvi Electrolytic Microsystems for Biomedical Applications. Arora, Nigam Bir Utilization of ferrioxamine microarrays for the rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria.

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A case study of organizational discourse and the local meaning of innovation. From Biomechanics to Behavior. Kadowaki, Joy L Village in the City: Isaac, Jonathan S Community engagement, graduate students, and “naive complicity”: Marquez Alcala, German A Chlamydmonas labor market consequences of endogenous low-skill migration with a market-based immigration policy.

Kim, Dae Woo New marked point process models for microscopy images.

Glas, Zoe Elizabeth Allintitle conflict: Gall, Aaron R Magnesium regulates transcription of the mgtA magnesium transporter gene in Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium via prolyl-bond formation during translation of the mgtL leader ORF. Many other country names work; try them and see. Liu, Xin Water absorption and desorption in concrete.

Fan, Jingxian Taming tail latency for erasure-coded, distributed storage systems. Bosanac, Natasha Leveraging natural dynamical structures to explore multi-body systems. Mankani, Bharat R Advances in Raman hyperspectral compressive detection instrumentation for fast label free classification, quantitation and imaging. Wills, Jamison Evidentiary Reasoning: Faheem Ibeacon based proximity and indoor localization system.