The Réseau de Résistance du Québécois (RRQ) is a small fringe Quebec nationalist group founded in that advocates Quebec sovereignty. In , the RRQ claimed a membership of people. The RRQ have released a manifesto, called “Manifeste du Réseau de One reading was the FLQ Manifesto written by the paramilitary organization. 5 oct. , complot entre le FLQ et des Noirs américains pour dynamiter de Cross et la cellule de Libération demande la lecture du Manifeste à. La cellule Libération du FLQ, ayant participée à la crise d’Octobre – site lui qui fut l’un des principaux rédacteurs du Manifeste d’octobre en

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Invoking the War Measures Dj was a politically risky mannifeste for Trudeau because the Act overrode fundamental rights and privileges enumerated in the common law and in the Canadian Bill of Rights ; therefore, there was a strong possibility that Trudeau might have lost popular support among Quebec voters. As a result of the invocation of the War Measures Act, civil liberties were suspended. Montreal Gazette, May 21, Protests as Prince Charles, Camilla visit Montreal.

Réseau de Résistance du Québécois – Wikipedia

The potential for violence was there. Several persons who were detained were initially denied access to legal counsel. Montreal Gazette ‘s Quebec affairs columnist Don Macpherson wrote that the RRQ used propaganda of the deed combined with threats of violence [7] [8] and that played a major role in the cancellation of the reenactment.

The group was recruited among various sources, eventually recruiting one Mario Bachand.


In an impromptu interview with ,anifeste Ralfe and Peter Reilly on the steps of Parliament, Pierre Trudeau, responding to a question of how extreme his implementation of the War Measures Act would be, Trudeau answered, “Well, just watch me. The crowd of RRQ supporters demonstrated their opposition to the Canadian monarchy. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Front de libération du Québec – Wikipedia

This public support largely ended after the group announced they had executed Laporte, in a public communique that ended with an insult of the victim. Retrieved 11 April Retrieved 12 April This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

The history of the FLQ is sometimes described as a series of “waves”. This group attempted to focus on training, particularly in St. The KGB, mwnifeste had established contact with the FLQ before [ citation needed ]later forged documents to portray them as a CIA false flag operation [ citation needed ]a story that gained limited traction among academic sources maniteste declassified Soviet archives revealed the ruse [ citation needed ].

Réseau de Résistance du Québécois

They were tried and convicted for kidnapping and murder. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The rise of the PQ attracted both active and would-be participants manifesste from the dangerous activities of the FLQ. The general public overwhelmingly supported the emergency powers and the presence of the military in Quebec.

Battlefields Commission backs down”. This also combined several other pro-sovereignty groups. The RRQ also planned to distribute leaflets commemorating links between Irish Canadians and Quebecers, including the involvement of Irish immigrants manifedte the Patriote movement of in Lower Canadaas Quebec was known at the time.

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The RCMP had intercepted intelligence relating to the planned riots, and prevented excessive damage. Patrick’s Day parade too English, says sovereignist group”. The support and political capacity of the FLQ changed drastically during the s. After the demands were denied, Pierre Laporte was immediately killed by the FLQ although it is still not known how the FLQ knew of the decision so quickly.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

In justifying his decision he manifests the FLQ as a “shock group” whose continued activities would only play into the hands of the forces of repression against which they were no match.

It helped sway public opinion towards more conventional forms of political participation and drove up popular support for the Manifese. It’s the patriotic celebration of Quebec started by a Quebec patriot, Ludger Duvernay inand it’s like an oppression seeing groups sing here in English.

Flag of the FLQ.

Documents de l’histoire du Québec / Documents of Quebec History

FLQ members practised propaganda of the deed and issued declarations that called for a socialist insurrection against oppressors identified with “Anglo-Saxon” imperialism, [10] the overthrow of the Quebec governmentthe independence of Quebec from Canada and the establishment of a French-speaking Quebecer “workers’ society”.

The waves of arrests undoubtedly had a deterring effect on any would-be FLQ supporters. In Julypolice arrested and charged a sixth person in connection with the Cross kidnapping.