The Ottoman centuries: the rise and fall of the Turkish empire / Lord Kinross Summary: The Ottoman Empire began in under the almost legendary. The Ottoman Empire began in under the almost legendary Osman I, The Ottoman Centuries: The Rise and Fall of the Turkish Empire Lord Kinross. The Ottoman Centuries: The Rise and Fall of the Turkish Empire. Front Cover. Patrick Balfour Baron Kinross. Cape, – History Lord Kinross No preview.

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In this definitive history of the Ottoman Empire, Lord Kinross, painstaking historian and superb writer, never loses sight of the larger issues, economic, political, and social. However, as I said before, with such a vast topic to cover, the author had to make some choices and I am just quibbling about them. I wanted to find a book on Suleiman The Magnificent, but instead found a few books about the Ottoman Empire in general, and this was the one that best fitted my expectations.

I went to Turkey last May and fell in love with the country. Next on my pile to read is Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk. Ottman illustrated history of the Ottoman Empire. Feb 19, Happyreader rated it really liked it Shelves: We read it aloud to our children, and they loved it too!

Reading ab This was a terrifically readable history in which Lord Kinross seamlessly switched back and forth between the individual characters and the overall picture. Click on the button below to make planning your vacation a breeze.

Unless Listed in this decription, VG or Better. Jonathan Grobe Books Published: I could not put this book down during some parts, particularly the chapters on Mehmed the Conqueror, Suleiman the Magnificent, and Mahmud II.


So, by the 10th sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, the Empire stretched across Asia, Africa, and Europe, and in Talk about a subject in which I was not versed. Second, Kinross’ choice of subject is strictly limited. Page 25 – Empire at the time of its decline, moreover within easy reach of the sea and the lands of Balkan Europe beyond it.

Have you read this? Also, there are numerous bits of historical color to keep the narrative flowing. I just returned from a month in Turkey and, while I vaguely knew something of the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantines — it was just that, vague.

Ottoman Centuries Lord Kinross No preview available – How the first sultans conquered through both force and patiently playing off the animosities between Latin and Greek Christians.

Ottoman Centuries by Kinross, Lord

No writing or tears inside book. Knowing very little about the scope of Ottoman history and then mostly from the perspective of Western Europe, I snapped this up during lorf work break from the Amarinth Bookstore in downtown Evanston. Hope to go back sometime soon…… And oops, I already left a comment!

Aug 13, Steve rated it really liked it. Lord Kinross manages not to get lost in the detail, and he ottooman able to cut through the confusing crosscurrents in each period to get at the important points. If so, do you still want to be in the contest. And it was broken up by the forces of nationalism which came to fruition in the 19th Century, leading to the formation of nation states out of many of the portions under Ottoman control.


The Ottoman Centuries

Everything you need for your Cappadocia trip! Am Here Books Published: To write about so much history is necessarily to choose certain topics to the detriment of others. By the late 17th century the Empire was shrinking but this is not to imply that further great Sultans did not rule from this point forward.

Owner’s name on endpage. Morrow Quill Paperbacks, New York, Sign In Register Help Cart. Lastly, came the chore of tackling the many names of the sultans, their Grand Vezirs, and the numerous relatives and relationships.

Masterful and all-encompassing yet boring to read. In short, it deserves another star! Browse Awhile Books Published: Shirley Limited preview – What makes Biblio different? As I began to read your review, the desire to read the book grew, even such a hefty tome a this one.

Ottoman Centuries – Lord Kinross – Google Books

Our favourite is a novella written by a dear friend of ours. In his illustrated and mapped page volume, Kinross traces the roots of the once mighty Turkish-based Empire, starting with the nomad peoples who flowed westward along the Eurasian steppes absorbing land and other tribes in the sixth century before ottonan in Anatolia, which is now largely modern-day Turkey.

There is mystery, adventure, amazing insights into culture and sociology, and beautiful descriptions throughout.