KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is a two-component, UV-stable high performance seamless and self-terminating cold fluid-applied polyester reinforced solvent-free. KEMPEROL 2K-PUR Speedshot combined with KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is the ideal solution for all applications where speed is essential. These include balconies. KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR is a solvent-free and odourless, fully reinforced, polyurethane resin-based liquid waterproofing system. It is ideal for use on sustainablility.

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Coordinate with other trades to avoid traffic over or against completed membrane surfaces. Atlantic single ply roofing system Bailey.


Review structural loading limitations of deck and inspect deck for loss of flatness and for required attachment. Kemperol 2K-PUR highly permeable roofing membrane Kemperol 2K-PUR is solvent free and odourless, making it suitable for use in areas where solvent-based products would be disruptive. Mix only full units, do not break down units. Fleece will begin to rapidly saturate with the liquid resin mix. Smooth-surfaced membrane with applied coating shall have all loose coating removed, and an adhesion test performed by Waterproofing Manufacturer’s Technical representative to confirm acceptable adhesion.

Apply waterproofing in a timely manner in conjunction with work of other trades. Insert 2o or 5 year installer warranty period as required.

Submit on site test reports of Substrate Moisture Content and Bond Strength test results as specified. Fit overburden neatly around all penetrations and projections, and at the perimeter. Place boards perpendicular to steel deck flutes with edges over flute surface for bearing support. Hanover Architectural Products, freeze-thaw resistant precast concrete pavers, minimum 2 inch thickness, with the following characteristics:.


Apply sealer at the manufacturer’s specified coverage rate to provide a sealed, maintainable surface finish. At roof penetrations, cut drainage core around the protrusion, cut an X in the fabric, and tape fabric around the protrusion to prevent intrusion of overburden materials into the core.

Two part solvent and odour free waterproofing membrane. Do not flash over existing through-wall flashings, weep holes and overflow scuppers. Water retention mat should be channeled into an internal drain or perimeter drain kempero. Mix only full units, pot life is approximately 10 minutes.

Strip all plywood iemperol with fleece reinforcement imbedded into the wet primer or resin. Additional adhesive is required in the corner and perimeter regions of the roof. Kempertec primer, Kemperol 2k fully re-enforced solvent-free waterproofing.

Ensure that overburden is properly supported to provide even weight distribution to underlying assembly. To be applied between hours after application at 73 degrees F, 50 percent relative humidity. Butt one panel edge to edge of adjacent panel. Delete if not applicable. Immediately de-aerate the coating in a cross direction with a porcupine spiked roller in order to release the air bubbles that may develop within the coating.

Kemperol 2K-PUR highly permeable roofing membrane

UK Rest of the world. There must be a kdmperol of a 2 inch 5 cm overlap between vertical and horizontal flashing components. Extend both fleece layers 4 inches minimum onto the field substrate on both sides of the joint. Please tick the box above. Periodically walk on the boards until firmly attached. Areas of minor surface deterioration of 0.

Mechanically fasten wood nailers as required to pue a force of lbs per lineal foot, but with no less than 5 fasteners per 8 foot or 6 fasteners per 10 foot length of nailer.


Voids require the installation of backer rod or other backing material prior to application of the polyurethane joint sealant. Do not thin primer. Alternatively, replace all broken or damaged parts of existing drains and scuppers. Final punch-list inspection at the completion of each phase of the project prior to installation of any surfacing or overburden materials. As a minimum provide one fastener and plate per 2 square feet of insulation and cover board to be attached with: Secure the drainage mat in place by placing temporary ballast on top of the drainage mat.

Pre-mix Component A light brown formulation with a Kemperol spiral agitator until the liquid is a uniform kempetol and all solids that may have settled to the bottom of the can have been mixed.

Fleece reinforcing materials must be clean, dry and free of all contaminants. Cap sheet shall be overlapped a minimum of 3 inches for side laps and 6 inches for end laps. Go to Supplier website.

Ejot Srbija -specijalista u tehnologiji povezivanja. KEMPEROL 2K PUR

Molded ABS core with water retaining troughs and openings for ventilation and evaporation, and multidirectional drainage channel system on the underside. Fit insulation and cover board at all penetrations, projections, and nailers.

In addition to cleaning, all metal surfaces shall be abraded to provide a rough open surface. Wood nailers shall be firmly fastened to the deck. Pour primer Component B into Component A and mix for approximately 2 minutes with a clean spiral agitator on slow speed without creating any bubbles or streaks.