As some of you may have seen on FB and Twitter, I’ve got a contract with Dreamspinner Press for the sequel to Cop Out, called Cover Up. Written by KC Burn, narrated by Tristan James. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. Detective Ivan Bekker has hit rock bottom. Not only is he recovering from a bad breakup with a cheating boyfriend, he’s also involved in a drug.

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Cover Up by KC Burn | Dreamspinner Press

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! And pot dealers in college are SO rare, right? I appreciate the view spoiler [ sleep apnoe, as this was unusual and a good plot device to make the insecurity of the young MC more believable, but unfortunately it was also very unsexy. Search Our Blog Search for: With trying to navigate around his attrac This review can be found at The Blogger Girls review site.

When Ivan’s bust goes to hell in a handbasket, there’s no question that there must be a leak in the police department. Enjoy, To request a book review or to contact me, email: Overall I enjoyed the relationship between Ivan and Parker, but if you are looking for an intriguing mystery, you won’t get it here since the bad guy is obvious from the beginning and the wrap up was a bit of stretch on several fronts.

I know Ivan was suffering from emotional trauma after being involved in a shooting but it didn’t make watching him bumble through a nonsensical investigation any more enjoyable.

Cover Up: Toronto Tales, Book 2 (Unabridged)

The narration was good but couldn’t save it. Five stars or more The only comment I would make is regarding the performance. A definite must for all romantics! Is this book as fantastic as the first book Select format eBook Audiobook Paperback.


As if KC Burn had to suddenly think up reasons that would make sure the next characters would link in with the series, which I’m guessing will be Ian’s and Ricks tale. Nov 16, Simsala marked it as dnf Shelves: I knew immediately that Parker wasn’t a drug dealer.

So, what to do, hmm? I was genuinely surprised at the end of the story when there are several revelations that throw everyone and everything for a loop. Will not be a keeper on my Kindle, but I will keep a look out for future releases.

Parker is very sweet. He is adorable, sweet, naive, gentle, with a spine of steel, and a heart of gold. I’ve had this book on my Kindle for a long time and even though I really enjoyed Cop Out there was something about this second book that had me subconsciously waiting and now I know why. As a former “fat kid”, I can so relate to Parker’s being taken advantage of by his so-called best friend.

Despite some less than stellar reviews, I felt that the characters of Ivan and Parker were entirely relatable and realistic.

But when I told the kids about this development d More like 2. When Ivan comes across clear evidence of Parker’s criminal involvement, he has to choose: The angst, therefore, is the tension created by double lives they are each living. Yes, it’s very well written and narrated. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Ivan and Parker both had issues that made them think the other was not interested when as usual in a romance the truth was that they each had almost fallen in love at first sight. In the end, this was still a great book. The timing is critical—this could be their chance to plug a leak in the department. View all 8 comments. And, if you listened to the first book, he carried over the tones he used for Kurt and Davey to this book when they have a small appearance. Otherwise, I fear the plot devices sometimes stretched the boundaries of credibility to the limit—beginning with Parker conveniently advertising for a room mate at the right time to involve Bekker.


Exactly what Ivan needed with his lackluster life and general loneliness and despondency. Detective Ivan Bekker has hit rock bottom.

Some of the things I liked about this story are its adherence to plot, rather than eroticism, and the technically solid writing. Parker is straight-up gorgeous and Ivan is massively attracted to him. And, honestly Ivan, you should consider going into a different line of work because you SUCK as a cop.

And, honestly Ivan, you should consider going into a different line of work because you SUCK as a cop. You submitted the following rating and review. I liked this one more k.v.burn I was expecting too, but I k.c.brn have done with a little more romance in my romance novel. Parker was adorable, but way too nice for Ivan and for his own friend, Evan.