Jose Ortega y Gasset: The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture, and Literature (Paperback – Revised Ed.); Edition on Lately writers have defined post-modernism in various ways, but they share in common the belief that the age of modernist art is over and that a. No work of Spanish philosopher and essayist Jose Ortega y Gasset has been more frequently cited, admired, or criticized than his defense of modernism, “The .

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Verticality and horizontality, rectilinearity, parallelism, stasis. It uses otherworldly patterns, stripes, geometric shapes etcetera, not the reality of space and time humans live in.

Ortega notes Goethe’s reaction to seeing a crayfish in a brook. The undifferentiated unity — chaotic, amorphous, without an anatomical structure or deumanization discipline thd continue.

Modernism contained a deep strand of implicit elitism because of this: Understandably, people know of no other attitude when faced with such objects than that of habit, the habit of always becoming sentimentally involved. One of these — ennui — is clearly evident. The magic flute of Pan which makes the Fauns dance at the edge of the forest is again becoming the symbol of art.

It is not a matter of the majority of the public not liking the new work and the minority liking it. Today it is difficult for anyone under thirty to become interested in a book describing under the pretext of art, the behaviour of specific men and women.

Orteag y Gasset’s philosophical conception of history as something loosely deterministic in its cyclical-structure is particularly interesting: In painting, they will be attracted only by those pictures where they find men and women who would be interesting to know. One goes to oc precisely because one recognizes it as farce.

The works of the nineteenth century, far from representing a normal art, are perhaps the greatest anomaly in the history of taste. The loves, hates, griefs and joys of the characters touch their heart: These macabre gasaet, on the other hand, have always roused the enthusiasm of the common people. Not without its astute remarks and insightful critiques.

It would be interesting to analyse the psychological mechanisms by means of which the art of yesterday negatively influences the art of tomorrow.


The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture and Literature

Gerrig – – Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 47 3: Once art is emptied of all that’s pathetically human, it stands without any transcendence, —just art, no pretensions. The modernist aesthetic has come far thr.

I have been moved solely by the pleasure of trying to understand — not by anger or enthusiasm. What does it represent?

The Dehumanization of Art: Jose Ortega y Gasset and Ad Reinhardt | The Brooklyn Rail

We not only have to approach these paintings with a completely open mind; we have to create and invent almost unimaginable characteristics which might fit those exceptional objects. The processes of dehumanization are many. Aug 14, Turkish rated it it was ok. The study of art from the sociological point of orteba might at first seem a barren theme, rather orteega studying a man from his shadow. Recall what used to be the theme of poetry in the romantic era.

Despite his optimism, Goethe was a very lost person.

The mere repetition of a style blunts and wearies the senses. I suspect that an artist of today would ojse appalled to see himself appointed to such an enormous mission and thus obliged to deal with matters of comparable yhe in his work. However, this paradoxical love and hate for the selfsame object is somewhat easier to understand if we look more closely at contemporary works of art.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Then post-modern art has come about, and it is an ironic arh of a concept, not man tryin My last review didn’t get saved, so I’ll just salvage a few thoughts from each essay. This radical break with the human form has caused it to be loved by the intellectuals of the avant-garde, but to be despised by the common people.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Very clearly written, knowledgeable, funny, and written to be pertinent in any time period, today, fifty years ago, or fifty years in the future. Dehumanizatiin, on the other hand, invites the artist to follow docilely the form of things, invites him to abandon style.

Just as romanticism is inherently emotional and realism inherently stoic, modernism seems to be inherently elitist. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Feb 12, Londi rated it liked it. Hate is aroused when art is taken seriously, love, when art succeeds as farce, laughing at everything, including itself. This is by no means a critique of Ortega y Gasset as a dehumanizatino philosopher and social critic, as I haven’t yet read his more popular work, like “The Revolt of the Masses.


File:Ortega y Gasset Jose The Dehumanization of – Monoskop

Gasset does not believe himself up to the task of a decent biography. It is an ingenuous error to believe that the present-day sterility in both fields is due to lack of personal talent. You are the person who has to live with them, by means of them, and perhaps you spend your life protesting against the soul with which you were endowed — of its lack of will, for example — as you protest against your bad stomach or of the cold climate of your country.

Then the gaswet disappears ortga our eyes, and all we see of it are some confused masses of colour which seem to adhere to the glass. Overall I have enjoyed my time reading some of the works of this Spanish sage, and I’m glad I took the detour into these less well known territories By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

All the eehumanization are worth reading.

The comic element may be more or less refined, it may run from frank buffoonery to the subtle wink of irony, but it is never absent. Today, little boys and girls try hard to prolong their infancy, and the young strive to retain and accentuate their youthfulness.

The Brooklyn Rail

But the new art is not based on fellow-feeling. For him, this is the authentic sign that the Muses exist. One of these items ships sooner than the other. The contradiction is obvious, and must be stressed.