John elderfield is chief curator emeritus of painting and sculpture at the museum of modern art. The online edition of artforum international magazine. The plane. Grids feature in quite a number of exhibitions of abstract art currently on show. This is John Elderfield, ‘Grids’, Artforum, May More on. The grid in modern painting and algorithmic art. John Elderfield: “Grids,” Artforum 10 (May ), pp. Rosalind Krauss: “Grids,” October 9 (Summer .

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The grid therefore inherits the feel of “objectivity” of the mathematical research tradition.

Elderffield modern mathematics, the two-dimensional plane is usually defined as the set of pairs of real numbers; lines and regions are subsets of this set. The eldefrield is thus treated as an infinitely dense grid of locations. The vernacular architecture of finland is generally characterised by the predominant use of wooden construction. Geochemistry, geophysics, geosystems publishes original research papers on earth and planetary processes with a focus on understanding the earth as a system.

Artforum International – May

I jest, of course! Surfacing in pre-War cubist painting and subsequently becoming ever more stringent and manifest, the grid announces, among other things, modern art’s will elderfieeld silence, its hostility to literature, to narrative, to discourse. You can be careful and ascetic about it the cool grid approach or you can be sloppy about it the casualist grid approach.

The subject of the artists studio in works of art is a very large one with a long history. Chaos, compulsion and creativity for nearly thirty years until his death inthe german gris kurt schwitters. I have been thinking recently about equilibrium in painting composition and this relates to a sense of control and order, which is a kind of stable feeling, and then toying with the reality of life which always includes a sense of tragedy, brokenness and I think this might be the cause of my own dissatisfaction with paintings which cling so intimately with the grid.

No one strategy is inherently superior to the other. Sims went to go see him in conversation with john elderfield, then a curator at the museum. The image is a tiny piece arbitrarily cropped from an infinitely larger fabric. But no one seems to have gridd deterred by that example, and modernist practice continues to generate elderrield more instances of grids.


Take a look at the Hirst show at Tate — just about everything in this show is conventionally and boringly arranged symmetrically on grids or in boxes. During the first 36 years of his career his paintings were entirely nonfigurative. Surely what we are really seeing is not a liberation of the body into the form of the grid, but in fact the imposition of the grid to such an extent grkds the body is forced into following its order.

Jake berthot was an american artist whose abstract paintings contained elements of both the minimalist and expressionist styles.

Some thoughts on Grids | Abstract Critical

Placing emphasis on the body also seems a limitation. You could make the same sort of implication that people who do representational work rely on the comfort of the familiar. If you work on canvas you have already entered a grid system.

The Sense of Order, p. Each grkds their own. And equally arbitrary is the claim that spontaneity is heroic. Hij gaat te werk als een gewone theosoof. John elderfield born 25 april was chief curator of painting and sculpture at the museum of modern art, new york, from to Unified drawing through the use of hybrid pictorial.

Photographic work or film — self-explanatory…… I am one of the artists in HA HA you mentioned who works with grids and geometry. I think the reality of life includes a sense of order as well as tragedy and chaos. This mathematical point of view does not translate into a practical convention for finite computational representations, however. They are talking about Being or Mind or Spirit. Exhibition grids, format and image in 20th century art at the pace gallery, new york, 3 see essay.

In my own work, I move back and forth between making drawings from my paintings and then paintings from my drawings. This literature is far too extensive to be cited here. Grids by john elderfield on artforum, may, 2 see essay grids, you say by rosalind krauss. The conception of an image as a uniform m x n grid of colored squares is derived from the mathematical image definition in a simple, direct way. Katrina, you are of course right, the grid is everywhere, so it is incumbent on an artist to examine themselves carefully—is their work an unconscious reflection of their environment?


Discretization is not an innocent operation. There are pleasures ojhn be found in Mondrian, etc. Einst dem Grau der Nacht enttaucht The thing I have picked up from this e,derfield is whether the grid is a form of conventional constraint or, a structure providing liberation.

Do you think that artists are scared to give up the idea that a little bit of individual genius a hideous notion — no, we are all the same will be lost or undiscovered if they recognise the rational or adhere to some sort of principles? Leaving aside questions of reference and keeping within formal organisation do you really think clearly and directly stated grid in a Mondrian really the same as the grid in a Matisse, or the grid in the painting by Poussin you discuss on your blog?

As it happens I have a strong position on this, and have addressed it in several blog posts http: For some reason I reponded to the role it has played and still continues to play….

Some thoughts on Grids

If you have a certain ambivalence on the topic I might understand why. Krauss doesnt expressly distinguish implicit and explicit grids, but she makes another interesting distinction. Author john elderfield doubts that schwitters was truly aspiring to an environmental work at this early stage in the merzbau s development, though he acknowledges that the scale and character crellin 4. Pdf heat flow measurements in the eastern pacific now total overa sufficient number to permit the analysis of their distribution within a wide range of age zones.

One abstract artist I recently visited, who sees the grid as central to his work, admitted that he has been accused of using it as a crutch.