Incidin Plus. Liquid concentrate for the disinfection of medical items and all surfaces. • Bactericide (incl. MRSA and TB) and fungicide. Limited virucide in. Incidin Plus. ECOMED — a wide range of medical products, equipment and tools from leading manufacturers in the world. ☎ () Two disinfectants of different composition–Incidin Plus for surface disinfection and Sekusept Plus for medical devices disinfection, both containing glucoprotamin.

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Pandemic – the word alone evokes a feeling of helplessness.

Frequent opening and closing of the container or unintentionally leaving the wipe dispenser open may lead to the evaporation of volatile substances, resulting in a change in the agent concentration. A4 Clipboard Plastic To become a Campilo customer and see your own pricing please login here.

Broad spectrum of effectiveness against bacteria, yeasts and viruses, and effective against Clostridium difficile. The PLUS in safety for all surfaces. Wards, Clinics, Laboratories, toilets incidni. Fear is circling the globe faster than the virus itself.

Incidin Plus, Packaging Type: Plastic Can | ID:

Surface disinfectant also suitable for other washable surfaces. Virucidal effectiveness also at standard concentrations – no change in product is necessary for C. Virucidal effectiveness, also at standard concentrations.


Liquid disinfectant indidin for disinfection of respiratory masks, respiratory protection equipment, diving apparatus, chemical protective suits, drying cabinets, work surfaces and floors. Unfortunately, the only disinfectants Exclusively for professional use! Disinfectant concentrate for the disinfection of surfaces of any type.

Incidin Plus is extensively tested in microbiology, virology, toxicology and ecology.

Incidin PLUS

Year of Establishment A brief period below or above the given inciidn temperature e. Find more suppliers in Mumbai Floor Cleaner pluss Mumbai. Hygiene in German hospitals is better than average. Telephone support and counselling under: The containers are to be sealed tightly after each use.

Its antimicrobial effect has exceeded guanidine or phenol derivatives, so that the remedy has a broad spectrum of activities against microorganisms, including the MRSA and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Bathroom Cleaners in Mumbai. System is showing list price. Pandemic — Concepts to counter the panic PDF Fear is circling the globe faster than the virus itself.

Incidin™ Rapid

Product Incidin is a disinfection and cleaning fluid with a special, aldehyde-containing composition of active ingredients having a wide range of use with a specifically low usage concentration incidun an immersion bath. Prepare application solution by diluting with water max. Rational Analysis and Careful Preparation help to minimize risks. If you are not a registered customer and would like to register please click here.


Foam Tip Swab Content: Campilo Tack Antimicro Introduction of a new antimicrobial agent as a drug–for treatment of infections or as a disinfectant and antiseptic, may result in the occurrence of resistance mechanisms against this agent among microorganisms. Our offer is aimed exclusively at commercial, trade, industry and commerce.

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Reliable protection of objects with high risk Can be used for surfaces, equipment surfaces and all types of tools Time saving Implementation guidance: Nylon Tubing 2 mil from Prices plus VAT plus shipping costs. Inicdin Liquids in Mumbai. Number of Employees 26 to 50 People.

Excellent cleaning features of product are combined with product safety in use.