In an interview given to Ulrich Dibelius in , György Ligeti virtually excluded ” Hungarian Rock” and “Passacaglia ungherese” from his oeuvre, stating that the. Sheet Music – £ – Hungarian Rock by György Ligeti, a chaconne dedicated to Elisabeth Chojnacka for harpsichord. Premiered 20 May, in Köln, WDR. Hungarian Rock (Chaconne) Lyrics: Instrumental. Hungarian Rock (Chaconne) . György Ligeti Written By György Ligeti. Release Date January 1,

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Sometimes dissonance appears when there is a delay in the melody or when the melody notes go in advance, before the change of the chord in the bass line. The diad G—B most of the time is harmonized as G major with D in the melody. There is the motive in the beginning, which consists of 8 notes, which are all D See Ex.

Hungarian Rock (Chaconne), for… | Details | AllMusic

I will show what the rock features are, what the chaconne features are, and what features can be humgarian the features of both rock and chaconne. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Each measure, except those in the coda, is divided into five parts according to the ostinato chord progression rhythm.

The triad F—A—C can liget harmonized as F major or D minor and once is used with B diminished triad in the upper line of the score. View it in the Music Periodicals Database. Sometimes it is also harmonized as B minor or with B and D in the melody.

Measures — Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.


More by György Ligeti

For example, if there is G roci the bottom line, it is written as Ab in the upper line. So the provocative title Hungarian Rock, coupled with the old genre of chaconne seems to state some kind of political message.

In both works, elements of Hungarian folk music are mixed with distant musical styles and idioms the chaconne and passacaglia tradition, elements of jazz and rock, Balkan ligeyi Caribbean rhythms. Ligeti marks that the duration of the coda is about one and a half minutes out of five minutes of the duration of the piece.

György Ligeti (musician)

Eb and Cwhich make the chord sound unusual, often appear in the melodic line. For example, instrumental compositions and multi-movement suites were performed by rock bands3.

The pitch pattern stays the same during four measures, and then it starts again from the beginning. Skip to main content. Considering the upper voice, I want to show how the pitch pattern of the melody changes throughout the piece.

Jazz Latin New Age. It is interesting how these three words — Hungary, Rock, and Chaconne, — go all together in the ligetj title. An analysis of Ligeti’s Hungarian Rock.

Sometimes there is B in the melody, which can be interpreted as B major dominant.

The motive first appears based on the second holding of the ostinato bass. Red — dissonant point.

In the melody Lydian and Mixolydian modes hungarrian frequently used with the major chords in the bass line. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Rck Journals Magyar Zene Vol. Green points are shown, when the melody doubles any note from the chord in the bass. In the words “a chord pattern is repeated” you have the basis of a reference to rock music, for just that kind of structure is often used in rock and in jazz, too, for that matter. There also can be an A diminished triad sometimes and once a C minor flat five harmonization.


To the rock features I would attribute the chord progression which has a lot of diminished, augmented, dominant, seventh, and ninth chords, as well as clusters at times. On the bottom line the stubborn chord progression is written. Green color shows melodic notes which double one of the note from the chord.

Introspection Late Night Partying. Later on, more and more notes appear, based on the smooth changes of the theme with the adding of G, A, and F in the third holding of ostinato bass and complex fast passages or chord progressions in the end of the rkck. Click here to sign up. Red points are shown when there is the dissonance in between the melody and the chord if the melody is transposed hungaian the octave, where the chord is.

I would say that the last two measures before the coda are measures number and See Ex. Rock in Hungary was prohibited since its beginning in s 1.