Hi Guys, I realized I don’t have the latest WoC book and I was looking for the rules. I found THIS SET OF RULES ON GW SITE. Is that the latest. Hello, This is my first post so bear with me. I was wondering if there is anywhere to get the rules for the Hell Cannon other than The Storm of. hey guys does anyone have the rules and stats for the warhammer fantasy hordes of chaos hellcannon and explain it to me how to use it thanks.

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Rulee ever seen a level 2 lone wizard charge a terrorgeist and WIN? It also has the trick of binding it to one of your Slave to Darkness heroes.

A flying beast with a handy ranged attack that can blind an enemy, making them fire at Very fragile, but very fast and extremely damaging, with four weapon profiles in melee after a flame breath.

Vilitch for example loves these guys to pieces. So why would you want to give Frenzy to an enemy unit? He can also use his command ability to summon a Slaves to Darkness unit to the hellcanmon, which means it’s one hellcannin those abilities you must use in moderation.


He’s bad in melee. Park him behind a line of 3 blocks of Chaos Warriors and maybe a unit of Nurgle Chosenhelldannon all unit champions within the range of the Warshrine’s buff spell. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. You’re very he,lcannon to trip up on terrain, model heavy armies tend to be hard to maneuver, you can wind up double charged, or charging against more units than you intended, rkles.


As said in the introduction, WoC tend to be outnumbered, and this is NOT a tendency you should encourage. Do note that you can still totally use all these rules and models, even the squatted stuff can still be used. Guys affected by a spell with Warpflame have to take a toughness test.

Yes, you can dump a fifty man squad of Warriors onto a really small game, but do you want to? Awkward to use and unlikely to nellcannon many models, this is a rather flimsy signature spell. Just don’t use it if you’re going against Ogres or armies with lots of monsters.

While Nurgle hellcannkn out buffs to your own units, Slaanesh is handing out nerfs to the enemy, putting it in direct competition with the Lore of Shadow, the other option for Slaanesh wizards. Warpfire Dragon Forge World: Use terrain to your advantage: Can often finish a game by itself and will totally cripple units hit by it.

And then just proceed from that point. Theoretically can inflict a heap of mortal wounds to nearby units just for being nearby or dying nearby, but realistically it probably won’t do much.

Hellcannon – Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki

His melee attacks are a bit lacking compared to other dragons, but other dragons aren’t Wizards who can cast two spells a turn, so it evens out. All attacks count as magical. Catch a unit of zombies or other undead away from their general and laugh as he loses that meatblock until he manages a roll of double ones.


Yes, they probably have the strongest infantry in the game even before getting into upgrades. Most armies will likely be made up of a core of Chaos Warriors with Marauders as support. The model with the Chain-flail has been retconned as the Bloodbound’s Aspiring Deathbringer, but you can still use him as a Khorne Exalted Hero, I guess, because his battlescroll is still there.

Plague Wind forces toughness tests on its victims and inflicts armour-ignoring wounds on those that fail.

Retrieved from ” https: Even Nurgle avoids them like the plague. He will tank them like a boss.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Warriors of Chaos

The Lore of Nurgle is stocked with augment spells to boost your own units along with a few spells based around messing with Toughness values, which makes it a good hellcannnon against Elves, Goblins, Skaven etc. No, they aren’t a tarpit, either. Also, before he attacks, you choose an enemy model and roll a dice: