Raimund Pretzel (27 December – 2 January ), better known by his pseudonym The manuscript of Defying Hitler, discovered posthumously by his son, Oliver Pretzel, is a memoir of the Nazis’ rise to power, as witnessed by Haffner. In Sebastian Haffner fled from Germany to England with his Jewish wife (“the story of a German”), translated into English now as Defying Hitler. “Defying Hitler” by Sebastian Haffner. A newly discovered memoir by a German classified as “Aryan” describes the insidious early spread of.

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This period covers the post-World War I violence; hyperinflation and economic collapse; and economic recovery.

Defying Hitler

But those parallels, even if they are there, do not imply that we are on the path to Nazism—they instead imply that bad people are everywhere and in every time, and while their actions may not be of the same degree as the Nazis, they must be recognized as of the same kind, and must be resisted. It is not a traditional history: Written inbut not publis A fascinating book written about the period of time between and in Germany, and defhing specifically, what it was a life for a typical German during Hitler’s rise to power, and how it was possible for an entire country to essentially sit by and let it happen.

Harfner excellent book which I have recommended to many people, and to which I have referred when discussing the subject of right wing dictatorships systematic take overs of the judiciary He adopted the pseudonym Sebastian Haffner so that his family back in Germany would not be endangered by his writing. This is the story of Sebastian Haffner, a man who lived in Germany during Hitler’s rise to hiter.

Open Preview See a Problem? Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sebastian Haffner.

The most powerful yaffner, ministers and generals are powerless against the simultaneous mass decisions taken individually and almost unconsciously by the population at large. Of course, applying the lessons of the Hitlerian past to today requires a delicate balancing act.


Completely absorbing and answers the question, “How did the German people let that happen and why didn’t they stop it? This is familiar to us today, in kind if not yet in degree.


Other editions – View all Defying Hitler: The putsch was over in a couple of days anyway. It’s a wonderful story that I would defylng to anyone that is the bit interested in that period.

It’s a hilter that Haffner put away the manuscript, never detailing his remaining years in Germany before he left for England. The striking comment to me was that it seemed “demonic” in nature. This book is rather frightening in that it shows how easily it happened without or This book is an account of what went on in Germany from the end of WWI to right before the start of WWII.

The beginning seemed to defyig to be rather clunkily written.

“Defying Hitler” by Sebastian Haffner |

The yaffner of monotony hangs, as it has always hung, over the great plains of northern and eastern Germany, with their colorless towns and their all too industrious, efficient, and conscientious business and organizations. Some join the Nazi Party merely to survive haffneg joiners were, Haffner writes, ridiculed by the Nazi faithful ; others, like the townspeople in Siegel’s film who succumb to the pods, join because it offers relief, a way to stop struggling against the inevitable, or a means of revealing the true selves they have kept hidden, that they may not have even realized they possessed.

Master bullies need to be resisted – that is what teachers try to implement in schools, and it applies to the world of “so-called” grown-up politics as well. This world indeed is a scary place!

Jekyll and Hyde Pity the Apple or Amazon employee who does not celebrate gay marriage, suggests that he might be an orthodox Christian, or states the obvious truth that Bruce Jenner is still a man, and always will be a man, whatever he says or wishes.


This fascinating personal history elucidates how the average German grappled with a rapidly changing society, while chronicling day-to-day changes in attitudes, beliefs, politics, and prejudices.

“Defying Hitler” by Sebastian Haffner

Aug 22, Matt rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anmerkungen zu Hitler, a short biography and analysis of Hitler. This, then, is the chapter defuing none of the film versions of “Invasion gaffner the Body Snatchers” have given us: Rather than death camps, incendiary bombs and people being hanged from lampposts, Defyibg a lawyer focuses on twin lesser, precursor evils, two sides of the same coin: To ask other readers questions about Defying Hitlerplease sign up.

View all 6 comments. However, because of differences between Astor, who had become the newspaper’s publisher, and the London editorship regarding a divided Germany, he became the German correspondent in Berlin ina position which he kept until the building of the Berlin Wall.

Defying Hitler: A Memoir – Sebastian Haffner – Google Books

A thumbnail sketch of the book’s theory of how Hitler was allowed to flourish goes something like this: This intimate self-portrait stands with Victor Klemperer’s two-part memoir, I Will Bear Witnessas evidence that the personal can offer insight into the political tragedy of Nazism. Feb 10, Ameera rated it liked it Shelves: Again and again in “Defying Hitler” Haffner’s acquaintances talk of the Nazis as clowns who, because they cannot help revealing their true natures, are destined to bitler out of power.

Defyint oddity and the value of “Defying Hitler,” a memoir by the late German historian Raimund Pretzel who wrote under the name Sebastian Haffneris that Haffner was what the Nazis classified as Aryan.