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Hoe wordt u GIMP deskundige?

Klonen met perspectief 3. Remove all guides 6. Preparing your Images for the Web 2. Van Gogh LIC Image Structure Related Dialogs 2.

Removing Unwanted Objects from an Image 1. Voorwoord Report an error in the bug tracker. Removing Unwanted Objects from an Image 1. Show Layer Boundary 5. Een bestand openen 3. Copy Image Location 2. Reset All Filters Variables And Functions 3.

Save a Copy… 2. Extending The Text Box Script 3.

Show Layer Mask 7. Afbeeldingen importeren in GIMP 1. Creating and Using Selections 2.


The Procedure Browser Text Context Menu 2. Raster en Hulplijnen 2. Problems of a non Color Managed Workflow 1.


Paden en selecties 5. GIMP de eerste keer instellen 2. Delete Layer Mask 7. What’s new in GIMP 2. Paste In Place 3. Saving Your Results Getting Acquainted With Scheme 3. Subtract from Selection 7. Undo History Dialog 3.

GIMP – Documentation

Light and Shadow Filters 5. Snap to Guides 5. Default Image Preferences 1. Open as Layers… 2. Fit Canvas to Layers 6. Discard Text Information 7.

Creating a brush quickly Paden en tekst 5.