The author constructed all the things related to a “new world”, from history to . At first glance, Yusuke Kishi created a dream world, but, as the story goes, we. Yusuke Kishi (貴志祐介, Kishi Yūsuke), born , is a Japanese author. の家 Kitsunebi no Ie), ; From the New World (新世界より Shinsekai yori), Shin Sekai Yori – From the New World – an English translation of the novel.

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新世界より [Shinsekai Yori]

My favorite science fiction ever. December 11, at 9: Yakomaru offers to negotiate with Saki’s group but his true motive is to discover their position through their voices.

August 31, at I think there are some similarities between the two. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Saki’s classmate Ryou is interested in partnering with fro, but as Saki realizes that he is not who she thought him to be, she turns him down and pairs up with Satoru instead. On the other hand, English is not my first language, and not even my second one, so I probably overlooked some mistakes or invented new ones: You are the real MVP!

While the members of Group 1 set out for summer camp together, Reiko is easily forgotten.

New World Zero Year? I only looked through a few parts of her PDF completely, but it appears complete. Thanks so much for your dedicated translation and hard work!

I ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting, and it added greatly to the world of SSY after I watched the anime. Saki and Satoru appear to be trapped with no chance to escape. With Yakomaru’s forces surrounding them, Satoru attempts to kill the Messiah with the Psychobuster, but Saki destroys the weapon because its use at such close proximity would also have killed Satoru.


It was a real-life example of the adaptation and natural selection mentioned in the textbook. The people who was working on the italian translation stop the work like at page 10 so i was thinking to translate it by myself. September 17, at 7: Here is a picture describing where exactly the first instance ends and second one begins all over.

From the New World (novel) – Wikipedia

Tomiko reveals to Saki the truth behind Ogres and Karmic Demons, including their reasons for the harsh means they developed to prevent them from appearing, and that she was the one who intervened and had Saki and her friends spared by the Board of Education after the incident with the False Minoshiro. Fan fiction, fan translations -what a year!

April 25, at 8: June 1, at 7: The manga, in some ways, differs with the anime so it makes actually pretty fun to read, like a fresh air for a well known room; i wouldnt say its a completely different story, because its basically the same, but its great for us the ones that saw the anime to see how some elements can change to enjoy the manga, even if we know where is headed.

He graduated from Kyoto University with a degree in Economics.

May 5, at 6: Uusuke realizes that the Messiah is not truly an Ogre, but actually a regular psychic like themselves, with one key difference: August 25, at 6: To tell you the truth, I waited for the translation to be finished to start reading it I was veeery patient. Getting straight to the point, i thf advantage of your translation. March 28, at 6: Its customs differ from those of any known in modern day Japan. They also meet up with Inui, who tells them about his group’s failed mission to dispose of the Robber Fly colony and his first encounter with the Ogre.


Ironically even neww so if you’ve read the bookthe more upset, horrified, or shocked I was by a scene or sequence of events, the more I felt compelled to keep reading. May 28, at 4: Both are positive that the world will be a better place by the time their child grows up.

Return to Book Page. Crazy Shrine Maidens Birdy the Mighty: This section needs expansion with: In this context, it means mediation of cantus. Could you give me the permission to translate your English translation into Vietnamese?

She is wold at work by Satoru, bringing news of an unprovoked attack among the Monster Rats, whose colonies are now divided into two large alliances.

From the New World, Volume 1: Yusuke Kishi, Toru Oikawa: : Books

It might seem like negative sentence, but it is a kind of tag question. After Yakomaru calls to them with no answer, a skirmish begins between the two parties until Satoru uses his power to stop them.

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