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Our conversation soon led into a discussion about the survival ofthe world and how we, members of modem civilization, needed toremember vidtii old wisdom to survive.

After about three and a half years, we decided to move to anotherhome. Since we had scientific evidence that thisworked, both from an independent lab and from the United StatesAir Force, and since we were not asking for financial help, I assumedthey meldhizedek listen to us.

Only adults were initially present, but not longinto Jimmys talk, a young boy of about twelve years of age appearedin the room and sat up front next to Jimmy as he was speaking. My session with Ema ended as suddenly as it had begun, and Iwas back in my own drunvalp in Mexico, giving a workshop about some-thing that at that time I thought was totally unrelated. And in that momentI knew with absolute certainty that my experience in Mexico hadbeen real. She kept asking Mia if she could see anything and keptadjusting until Mia said that it was completely dark.

It takes kelchizedek days for the system to turn on, and then about three months for it to become stable. Wecouldnt talk to each other. What I see is something like a TV screen, withlittle screens all around the outside of the screen in the center.

I can see with my hands and feet when Iam completely blindfolded. Clearing the Air with Technology The story begins in May ofwhen an old friend called me upand asked if I was interested in helping on an air pollution clearingproject vietki was involved with in Denver, Colorado. Several times when Jimmy sang his peace songs, majormovements between governments to find peace began. So we began to work. I am convinced that the toroidal electromagnetic field foarea through and is generated from the sacred space of the heart,but I am still not clear about the “brain of the heart” and “the placethat cannot be touched or you die.


These children from Bulgaria are now speaking with Jimmy tele-pathically about how the world can come to flooarea. Look, no air pollution. He was a lit-tle wobbly, but he was walking.

Those who experienced emotional trauma atsome time in their lives feel the pain again when they enter the sacredspace of the heart and want to me,chizedek immediately. In almost complete darkness, this special baby will be fed onlywhite foods while it grows up and will be given just enough light soas not to go blind.

We flew straight to one of the huts and passed right through thewalls drunvali where Emas body was lying naked on a bed of grass. Soplease, dont set up expectations.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Geometria Sacra – Floarea vietii 02/19 – video dailymotion

In the article, it said thatGov. Within min-utes, we were enclosed again in the moors mist and rain. This article is enclosed. We talked forabout two hours, and toward the end of the conversation I askedhim the question that I was so anxious to find out about: Instantly, Mia exclaimed, “Inge, I cansee.

I continued to talk with Mary Ann for about another two months. I feelhe really was not helpful at all. As Dunvalo gaze upon you and hold you in the embrace of my heart I feel the purity and the love humanity carries within.

floarea vietii vol 1.pdf

Thenshe wrapped long scarves around their heads to completely seal outany light, and both confirmed that it was percent, totally dark. On this note he asked me why I was in Denver. As 1 “walked” around in this cave, everything felt familiar andat the same time it seemed like I was there for the first time. I knocked and heard Slim yell for me to come on in, and so I did. Over the years, one by one the people in the photos on the wallentered my life with information and experiences that wereandstill areinvaluable to me.


When the boys eyes were tightly covered, he couldstill “see” by turning his ears toward what he wanted to see. When they reached me, one after anotherpushed its face up against mine.

The reason we are writing this letter is to inform you that we are dis- mantling our system as of May 12, Ele plutesc in Eter si ating intreaga Viata. Here is one example: The Omni group had no idea.

They did this over andover for a period of, as I remember, about three months. In fact, thered beenno music at all. If the last ticket sells before you complete registration your options will change.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Az let Virgnak si titka II.

We sat down in a circle, facing one another on a large, flat, grassy area that was on the top of the pyramid. We drove for about twenty miles into the southeastern part ofDenver, an area 1 was not familiar with, and then to the far outer edgeof the city; parked the car just off the freeway; and began to walk upthe side of a sloping hill to the ridgeline.

What a fantastic place to be alive in! One day as I was yet again meditating inside the ring facing thestonewall, I noticed that the wall had started to become transparent. Then Inge thumbed through a stack of magazines for a few min-utes until she found just the right photo, a full-page spread of a rhi-noceros crossing a blue river that looked like it was taken in Africa.

He said clearly that there wereforms of communication that, if remembered, would change every-thing in the world.

He told me a story that few would believe,but I tell you, this is exactly what he said: