This guide is for installing on UN-rooted Android devices only. IM capture and some advanced features such as Intercept Call require a rooted phone to work. The phone being used for this tutorial is a Samsung Galaxy S3, however the guide will work for any Single SIM Android Phone running Android. FlexiSPY Quick Setup Guide · Android Call Recording · Jailbreak iOS · Download Captured Data To Your Computer · Stop IM’s From Auto.

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You can choose to hide the software icon after you install FlexiSPY. Pro rata refund offers are valid only within 7 days of offer.

FlexiSPY does include a disclaimer on its website, saying that it is responsibility of the user to comply with all applicable laws in their country. Refunds for cryptocurrency payments are subject to the following conditions: We do ask that you work with us via live chat to flexiwpy solve any problems first.

The FlexiSPY Extreme comes with a host of advanced features, making it an excellent choice for power users. Do you have a chargeback policy? All recordings are uploaded to your FlexiSPY account.

FlexiSPY has continued to add new features to its spy app since it first launched.


You can read more about rooting and how to do it here. Rooting is included in our remote installation service.

Easy to install spyphone | Learn how to install | FlexiSPY

Das Rooting ist in unserem Remote-Installationsservice enthalten. If you are installing FlexiSPY onto a phone that you do not own, then you must have express permission from the device owner to do so before installing FlexiSPY. The setup wizard will guide you through the steps to install the app. Have a look at the demo to see it in action. In addition, the website has a series of videos explaining how to use all the features of the software. Below you can find the answers to the most popular questions customers have about FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY is used to monitor children and employees or to backup or remotely control your own phone.

Install FlexiSPY on Non-Rooted Android

Data stored on our servers is automatically and permanently deleted after 90 days. Your phone stays muted.

FlexiSPY does not automatically renew your subscription once it expires. The company also offers a premium installation service, through which FlexiSPY technician will root or jailbreak the phone and install the software amnual users. Once the app is installed, data from the target phone is secretly sent to the FlexiSPY server.

The FlexiSPY FAQ

FlexiSPY is legal to install on your own phone. Das Rooting ist in unserem Remote-Installationsservice enthalten. This does not include IM capturing.


We provide a tool for you to download your data for archiving which you can read about here. These two features are offered in the Extreme version. On the FlexiSPY website there is a comparison chart, so you can easily match the features that are most important to you.

This is because the supported versions of IM software that can be captured can be found here for Android and here for iPhone so please check compatibility before purchase or submitting a refund request. You are unable to jailbreak the iOS device in order to install our software we offer a jailbreaking flexisoy installation service here. Do you offer a refund policy? You can read more about how to do that here.

Any refund requested on a Friday or during holiday periods will be processed the following working mznual. If you need activated software on multiple devices at the same time, you must purchase additional licenses.

Jailbreaking is a dramatic name for the process that allows the manuaal to run thousands of great applications that are not available on the iPhone store.