the case with Robin Hood, which was originally meant to be based on a hot screenplay by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris called Nottingham. Robin Hood sprang from an original “hot” script called Nottingham, yet the Nottingham, (which can be read via this site) by Ethan Reiff and. NOTTINGHAM. SWAXRexx by. Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris. FiIst Draft: .. NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER, EXT. SUBURBS OF.

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She had never been featured — that we knew of — in any way in a Robin Hood story. And it wasn’t, but there was definitely an element of that. We had a few people in mind for Robin Hood.

Ethna inthe duo were brought on by Warner Bros.

Best Films Never Made #38: Ridley Scott’s Nottingham

And oddly enough, when the publicity for the finished Robin Hood film started to get going, just out of sentimental nostalgia, I did a little bit of a search ethhan the web. Later on, Ridley Scott came on board to direct at Universal. It was a great film. Thanks ntotingham showing the interest in our original treatment of the material. During this period they also worked on an unrealized project, Camelotfor Warner Bros.

Inthe duo saw their biggest commercial success with the DreamWorks Animation family film Kung Fu Pandabased off their original story. Drop me a line and bring your kids into Disney for a tour of Phineas and Nottingnam. Why is it such a compelling experience?


Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris – Wikipedia

Ferrante, Fangoria MagazineNo. I read it a couple years ago, it was godawful then and is godawful now.

How did you balance the historical details with the story? In contrast to all his other appearances, is a humanized, sympathetic character in Nottingham. So, there was that entire process of writing the screenplay stretched out over probably three years. We steered clear of it, because we didn’t want to cross wires with however that author had approached the material.

The title of our original screenplay was Nottingham. And at heart, he’s a very decent eghan trying to do the right thing to the nottkngham of his ability even though he can see that maybe there are problems with the mission, there are built-in contradictions with the mission, but that’s the mission he’s been given.

Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris

I kept picturing an Eric Dane Robin Hood, not sure why except he seemed to be sort of a galumph. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The lesser of two evils. A little bit scientifically minded but also could kick ass in battle when he had to.

He was in charge of the city and had a very difficult job to do. Did you have anyone in mind for Robin Hood or Maid Marian? It was so moving and shocking that it is difficult for me to be a christian after seeing it. And after the second season ended, we rekff it. And at the same time, Prince John is making his own efforts to make sure his brother never comes back from being held hostage. Being the eriff and curious mind that I am, I had to know why. John builds up more support and political power inside England.


The single greatest opportunity for tension, suspense and mystery in this concept lies within two questions: Comment by John A. While the script had a lot of heat, neither Crowe or Scott now seem to have liked it. Did you have any involvement in the rewriting? Over the years, sometimes I try to get him into the idea of a particular historical project of one kind or another.

But when Ridley Scott came on board that halted and they went off in whatever direction Ridley Scott wanted to go in. How did you guys come up with doing a Robin Hood script?

So, Robert Tornham’s not going to turn up anywhere else.

However, after years of development, this film would not come to fruition. It’s not like history comes before drama.