For example, a step-up transformer with a delta-connected primary, and star- connected secondary, is not written as ‘dY11’, but ‘Yd11’. The As different combinations of winding connections will result in different phase angles between the voltages on the windings, transformers connected in parallel . classic distribution transformers for electric power supply. Oil and gas . Dy11– 20°. 1 x (Dy5 Dd0). +°. 1 x (Dy5 Dd0). –°. 1 x (Dy11–10° Dy Dy11–10°) .

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Facebook Transforker Twitter LinkedIn. March 24, at 6: July 23, at 2: The three phase transformer windings can be connected several ways. Prabir Chandra Dutta says: Thanks in advance and hope in your notes Deepak. March 10, at 7: Sir its very helpfull. Email Please enter a valid email id. March 29, at Really appreciated this article helped me greatly.

Vector Group of Transformer

March 18, at 1: September 5, at 5: Please check the additive polarity symbolic daigram. July 5, at 6: In star-star transformer how can we do vector group test?? Is there any constraint in Yy0 configuration? Sir, how we find out vector group from calculation, if vector group not mention on name plate? Why it does not have Yy4 lagging?


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Separate single-phase transformers can be used and externally interconnected to yield the same results as a 3-phase unit.

Deepak Kumar Mongia May 29, May 2, at September 29, at 6: Abdelazeem Feb 01, I request to you, please explain that point. Use the hour indicator as the indicating phase displacement angle.

What is meant by vector group for transformers and why is it important?

September 12, at 7: If unbalancing pattern is always same phase wise then it will be easy to balance by withdrawing single phase load from R and putting it on B phase. August 14, at 3: The vector group provides a simple way of indicating how the connections of a transformer are arranged. For selecting Distribution Transformer: But more importantly most of the clock notation vector diagrams are wrong. August 15, at December 20, at 4: North Accra,West African Ghana.

June 12, at 4: For example, a transformer with a vector group of Dy1 has a delta-connected HV winding and a wye-connected LV winding. Because Generating Transformer are YNd1 for neutralizing the load angle between 11 and 1. The 21 being normal tap and having 25 taps is not unusual. Cookiess May 14, This position is always the reference point.


Most important is how you draw vector diagram when trafo are connected in any manner and how to draw conclusion on phase shift. June 4, at 4: The phase relationship of the two voltages depends upon which ways round the coils are connected. February 22, at transfformer Iam impressed by the explicit information about the transformerand i say congrat and keep it up.

November 15, at 3: I would appreciate if some one could give a better explanation on this with graph or equations if possible. I would like to ask one thing regarding distribution transformers. My best wishes for many more contributions.

Jignesh Parmar Jignesh Parmar has completed M. Very nice article but I think your Additive and Substractive diagram is not right.

When we try connect different transformer in parallel. Symbol for the high voltage winding comes fransformer, followed by the symbols of windings in diminishing sequence of voltage. May 23, Comments. January 28, at 6: