Shri Kunjika Stotram is mentioned in Durga Saptashati. Shri Kunjika Stotram was explained by Lord Shiva to Mata Parvati. Lord Shiva discloses. Kunjika means “SOMETHING VERY RARE, POWERFUL AND HIDDEN”. This stotra is known as Mool Mantra of Durga Saptashati and it. Siddha Kunjika Stotram MP3 Song by Anuradha Paudwal from the Sanskrit movie Durga Saptashati. Download Siddha Kunjika Stotram song on .

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Saptashafi is because Chandi deals with sangarha leela or destructive play of Bhagvati. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This is the Maya bija.

Kunjika Stotram

What is the meaning and significance of Gotra? The praise is done to goddesses and well being is carved using bias of Shakti.

This is evident from the asptashati epithets used for goddess where she is praised as destroyer of demons.

What is the significance of Durga Saptashati, and how should it be recited for wish fulfillment? That is, our spiritual growth and understanding of th e Chandi exposes the hidden meanings of the bija mantras in the Song. The kamika agama points out in purvapada patala 2 that a bija stotrwm be formed using the first letter of name. After chanting of this mantra No other Stotra is needed to chant.


Siddha Kunjika Stotram

Hence he also praises bhairavi bhadra and bhavan. Do women have power to read Durga Saptashati? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Satashati your comment here I am interested in doing this puja What do the verses of “Shiva Tandava Stotram” mean? The Song of Perfection which is no longer hidden because of growth.

What is the meaning of the Siddha Kunjika stotram in Durga Saptashati? – Quora

So this stotram is the key to unlock all the powers of saptasati which have been locked by Maheshvar. Same is used here but the first letter is used with Aa Ei and Uu durgs three of the basic swaras of Grammer.

This is the essence of the Chandi, the Navarna Mantra, the constant reminder that change She will, change She must, because change is Her intrinsic Nature. Email required Address never made public.

If chanted by a lesser or undeserving person it is as useless as crying for help in a forest. saptaahati

What is the meaning of Kanakadhara Stotram from Adi Shankaracharya? Now the various epithets of goddess are used to praise her.


Siddha kunjika stotra is the essence of Durga saptashati. The actual meaning of Kunjika is key. You can understand the entire meaning of Durga saptashati with this small stotra.

Next Article Other Mantras. What is the procedure to recite Siddha Kunjika Stotram? Here she incarnate to slay demons. These are used along with the bias pertaining to each name. What is the importance of Durga Saptashloki? Now more bijas are used in praise.

Durga Saptashati Siddha Kunjika Stotram – Sanskrit Lyrics with Video Song

Ask New Question Sign In. The number of mantras in hindu theology is uncounted but for shaktas seven crore mantras are said to be Maha mantras. Hail to slayer of madhu kaitabh mahisasur shumbha and nishumbha, o great goddess invoke the powers of my japam. It then invokes all classes of alphabets and saptashafi, breaks and ignites them.