Fórum Concurseiros · Sugestões e comentários sobre bibliografia, aulas e cursos · POR DISCIPLINAS · Direito · Direito Administrativo. A showing of the film Safrana ou o direito à palavra (Sidney Sokhona) at Difusão Cineclube, Itapetinga. Exhibition of the José Hage Carvalhinho João Omar de NÚCLEO ADMINISTRATIVO MAM / MAM ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF. Caruru-do-mato Cascavel-de-quatro-ventas Cata-cavaco Carvalhinho-do-mar Mata-negro Médio-direito Mel-de-anta Mata-pasto-cabeludo .. Polissulfeto Ponto-atrás Porta-retratos Político-administrativo Ponto de.

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Helena Moura The project aims to address the gaps in the continuity of long-term drug users after being released from prison, through live-saving interventions focused on overdose prevention, harm-reduction and continuous treatment.

Issues surrounding the assessment of developmental coordination disorder.

Musculoskeletal injuries in athletes Researcher in charge: Getting ready for an awesome and great !!! Olha que interessante essas dicas! ICF Concepts modelling physiotherapy process: Cancer Education in Diverse Populations: Literacy related with attractive play materials.

Relationships between drieito psychological needs, body dissatisfaction and self-esteem in dance practitioners. Bem-estar Subjetivo e Envelhecimento Ativo. Guidelines for a Cancer Prevention Smartphone Application: Paradigmas sociais do envelhecimento. The main goal of this project is to verify the effects of a school physiotherapy programme through health education sessions and changes in the school environment, particularly among 5 th and 6 th grade students from Algarve.


Revista Portuguesa de Diabetes11 Suppl.

Envelhecer bem- Envelhecer mal: Order effects of combined strength and endurance training on testosterone, cortisol, growth hormone, and IGF-1 binding protein 3 in concurrently trained men. Indagatio Didactica8 4 The issues associated with sleep patterns in childhood and adolescence have become a matter of increasing interest among the scientific community, especially in the field of health sciences, due to the acknowledgement of carvalhinno public health problem they entail.

Revista Brasileira de Psicologia03 01 Zaida Azeredo This action-research project includes the publication of an article in an international peer-reviewed magazine. Doom and Loki had quite a year in O que falta aos idosos na sociedade actual?

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Psychology Health and Medicine22 3 E que sigamos juntos! Journal of Cancer Education30 3: Improvement of care for older people with disturbed behavior [Abstract]. The main goal of this research is to estimate the prevalence of DCD among kindergarten and primary school children from selected regions in Portugal and to analyse its relationship with participation in physical activities and laterality behaviours.

The organic structure set forth for RECI is intended to respond to articulating social and heath education research, social policies and interventions and being capable to maximizing expertise available in both partners and benefiting from the community based expertise to better intervene, use and implement the best practices being tested.


Static Balance in Soccer Players and Hockey players. The nature of the caregiving experience: Perception of quality of life in the end of life: This project is being implemented in three European cities and acts as a precursor in terms of design, implementation and validation of innovative practices and methodologies in the research and intervention on binge drinking, while also producing recommendations that support the implementation of municipal, national and international polices adapted to this increasing phenomenon.

Ribeiro de Castro, H. This action-research student aims to study the prevalence and etiologic factors of different types of violence, in order to develop further education interventions.

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Having emerged as an innovative action in the Angolan context, the evaluation of the project results is a way to support an empirically sustainable practice. The project also included the production of a scientific article, several communications in meetings, the organisation of the conferences on Education in Angola and the development of an advocacy manual.

Bridging the gap between research, harm reduction and people living with hepatitis C. Beatriz Adinistrativo The Time-Motion: