STANDARDS FOR EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS All electrical installations shall comply with the requirements of the Regulations. Relevant DEWA’s. DEWA’s requirements for electric installations in order to safeguard to the sixteenth edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations, British Stan-. The Electricity Wiring Regulations (Third Edition). 3. The Regulation and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). Dubai Municipality.

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API Electrical Installations. Weather proof switches shall be used for all outdoor installations. However, for general purpose utility socket-outlets an assumed load of W per socket-outlet installed in commercial and industrial premises and W per socket-outlet in residential premises may be permitted.

In general, where the total connected load exceeds KW, provision shall be made within the building or plot for DEWA’s substation. The phase busbar, neutral bar and earth bar colour identified as given in Appendix Circuits from different distribution boards shall not be installed in a common conduit of trunking. The consumer’s ‘Main Earth electrode’ shall be installed as close to the main distribution board as possible. Adequate mechanical and insatllations interlock between the incomer circuit breakers or isolators of both generator and DEWA supplies shall be provided.

A device, provided with female contacts, which is intended to be installed with the fixed wiring, and intended to receive a plug. Capacitor problems can be caused by a variety of factors, especially when the capacitors in question are nearing the end of their operating life cycle due to voltage transient and high harmonic conditions.

Paper – Dwea Installations 2.

Each room air-conditioning unit shall be connected to a separate final sub-circuit, for the distribution board. An emergency stop push button shall be incorporated in the control gear. We have extensive knowledge of electrical systems ranging from electrical supply and installations, servicing and fault finding with our experience in Industrial, domestic and commercial sectors including office fit-outs, factories, schools, retail premises, restaurants, clinics, Showroom, Warehouse, villas, etc.

The tap of f unit installed at each floor level in a busbar riser shall be at a height between 50 cm and cm from finished floor level and shall have adequate access for operation, maintenance and replacement. We believe strongly in providing quality service on time and within budget while maintaining safety and cooperating with those involved. LLE can carry out inspections in order to verify that the low voltage installation complies with the design drawings, the specification and the relevant local and international requirements.


Cross linked polyethylene complying with BS This enables us to: Our experienced and qualified electricians shall handle emergency situations. We will definitely be using your services again in the future and would be happy to recommend you to anyone requiring your expertise. Water heater shall be connected to a separate final sub-circuit from the distribution board.

Dewa LV switchgear regulations – Dorman Smith Academy

A luminaire track system is not regarded as a socket-outlet system. The minimum current rating shall be 5 A.

A protective conductor, connecting the main earthing terminal of an installation to an earth electrode or to other means or earthing. A part providing protection of equipment against certain external influences and in any direction protection against direct contact. Where a wiring system is located in close proximity to non-electrical service, the wiring system shall be adequately segregated and protected against hazards likely to arise from the presence of the other service in normal use.

The cooking appliance shall incorporate an integral earthing terminal. Three CLTs shall be provided for each metering. Fuses, circuitbreakers, residential current operated devices associated with one or more outgoing circuits fed from one or more incoming circuits, together with terminals for the neutral and protective circuit conductors.

Link Light Electrical Works LLCspecializes in planned and reactive electrical maintenance of commercial assets and properties. We at Link Light Electrical Works pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and under budget with the highest quality and safety for our valued stakeholders. An assembly of switch gear with or without instruments, but the term does not apply to groups of local switches in final circuits.

Minimum 4 years of Electrical Installation and construction related work. However, the design method and the proposed diversity shall be clearly indicated in the design drawings and load schedules submitted for DEWA’s approval.

DEWA issues Regulations for Electrical Installations 2017 booklet

All electric motors shall be adequately protected against overload, short circuit, earth leakage and additionally, against loss of one or more phases, voltage fluctuations, etc. Minimum 4 years as professional with documented experience in Design and Installation of deaw systems e.

Construction Supply and installation of all electrical work starting from construction supply of power to energising, testing and commissioning of the entire project as per DEWA regulations. Under a contract, we shall provide periodical inspection, repair and maintenance of electrical systems at your premises. An operation intended to remove, as quickly as possible, danger, which may have occurred unexpectedly. Location Quick Dial E-mail. Lighting Installations Supply and installation of pendant lights, downlights, IP rated lights for offices, bathrooms and wet rooms, track lighting, spotlights, LED lighting, emergency lighting etc.


Cable trunking may be used for housing single core PVC cables at special situations, where installation of conduits is difficult due to space limitations. The Thermal Imager can also be used in conjunction with a Data Logger to get a complete picture of your electrical system and energy usage.

The safety and emergency light fittings installed shall comply with BS and shall be rated for a period not less than 3 hours continuous operation. In general Thermal Imager is used to: A circuit connected directly to current-using equipment, or to a socket-outlet or socketoutlets or other outlet points for the connection or such equipment.

A combination of one or more low-voltage switching device together with associated control, measuring, signaling, and protective, regulating equipment, etc, completely assembled under the responsibility of the manufacturer with all the internal electrical and mechanical interconnection and structural parts.

V Distribution and tariff KWh metering Refer to Appendix-5, for symbols and relevant technical instaplations.


The conduit runs which are concealed within the building structure such as in floor, wall, roof column etc. To apply for enrolment, the following documents must be submitted through the link: A device, other than current-using equipment, associated with such equipment or with the wiring of an installation.

A zone of accessibility to touch, extending from any point on a surface where persons usually stand or move about to the limits which a person can reach with a hand in any direction without assistance. Double pole switch, of appropriate rating, with flex outlet mounted adjacent to the unit shall be provided for control of other room air-conditioning unit.

Power flow direction P1, P2 Manufacturer may include any other markings that he considers to be included.

The neutral is solidly earthed at DEWA’s substations and shall not normally be earthed elsewhere in the electrical installations.