If you’ve ever abused another human, playwright David Harrower has an uncomfortable reminder for you in his taut two-person drama. Blackbird has ratings and 50 reviews. Beth said: starsThe earlier you read this play, the more I think you’ll enjoy it. Or perhaps I should rep. Blackbird. Front Cover. David Harrower. Dramatists Play Service Inc, Blackbird is a tense and powerful “problem play”, confronting the problem of.

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Blackbird by David Harrower. Though, in the end, I’d recommend it to bladkbird how David tackled this deeply taboo subject matter and balances the subject matter with care.

Blackbird (play) – Wikipedia

Cliches if, sadly, cliches with truth in them like Una’s promiscuity are dwelled upon far more than more interesting and complicated subjects such as her capacity for new ‘love’ and what would make her describe her sexual relationships in detail to her parents! At least until the fireworks start. An uneasy reunion between a woman and a middle-aged man fifteen years after he sexually abused her when she blackbirx twelve.

Aged 27, he was living at home with his mother in a harroewr in the Priestfield area of Edinburgh, washing dishes and driving a van.

The language is phenomanal and the way its written is so different to other plays. What I mean is that there is something so close to convention in its treatment of its dark subject, lean, mean writing, and shocking moments poised to cause shock and discomfort that it seems better suited to those who aren’t quite as used to the particular style born out by “issue theatre” not inherently a bad thing, and, certainly, Harrower comes up with an addictive and almost irresistible play to chew on.


Is Ray, who has been sent to prison and is he claims attempting to rebuild his life, a mendacious aggressor, or as much of a victim as she is?

David Harrower Lives Up to His Name in Blackbird, a Challenging Portrait of Abuse

Like OleannaMamet’s tale of a middle-aged college teacher’s disastrous encounter with a female student, or DoubtJohn Patrick Shanley’s portrait of a nun who suspects a priest of child molestation, Blackbird allows—even forces—audience members to impose their own interpretations on the events they’ve seen.

This reads extremely well, and if you get the chance to see a live production-do so! She’s 27, he’s 56, and they’ve had a brief affair—about 15 years earlier, when he was 40 and she was Order by newest oldest recommendations. Ray is confronted with his past when Una arrive.

Reading it requires a strong understanding of the rhythm to piece it together. The former production was traverse and the latter in the round. Such a weird, awesome, passionate, play. Sometimes, this is a play that seems almost to be using all its edgy, dark, and twisted – but beautiful – writing, to sadly go for much more obvious and less daring targets than may first blsckbird.

‘I wrote it in a frenzy’: David Harrower on the play that saved him | Stage | The Guardian

Mar 08, Daniel rated it liked it Shelves: You were a lonely child. Of course, it is much more complicated than that, for the film takes place more in the moment when the protagonists are adults and they look at dacid past, but I see the premise as paramount. Very believable characters, and the conversation they have rings true.


They have the rest of their lives to act, at a time and place of their choosing, on that information. The play tells the oldest of stories: Knives in Hens was quickly hailed as a masterpiece and has become one of blackbord best-known Scottish theatrical works of recent times, and performed in more than 20 countries.

Tabbed Event Search All. Nevertheless, Jagten was in a completely different league, with a different take and a more meaningful subject. Not sure how I feel about this play or the characters within.

It robbed me of many relationships and experiences. This page was last edited on 14 Julyat Ray is confronted with his past when Una harroder Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

This intense work was commissioned by the Edinburgh International Festival, where it received its world premiere. It’s essentially a two-character play, an older man and a younger woman in hot argument.

Blackbird review – Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels stun in abuse drama

This Akvarious production was also later presented in Bangalore and in New Delhi. Una is on general release in the UK from Friday. May 30, daisyampersand rated it liked it.