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Simple and fundamental questions regarding the molecular basis of genome compaction and reorganization are completely unanswered. The reason for this aggregation is unclear, but this phenomenon could somehow be related to compaction activity.

Reprod Biomed Online Consistent with this, we found that K16 acetylation was constitutive, whereas K5, K8 and K12 gained acetylation during post-meiotic stages in elongating spermatids Fig. BD1 recognizes H4 residues 4 10 in an orientation antiparallel to that of the ygcn5 ligand Fig.

Gendtique De l ADN au chromosome mitotique. Preparation, isolation and characterization of stage-specific spermatogenic cells for cellular and molecular analysis. Our data do not allow us to show if this gene repression is directly mediated by Brdt, or is due to specific repressors activated by Brdt at earlier stages. Indeed, to understand the cousr of histone replacement, it would be critical to know whether the competition for DNA binding plays a direct role in histone displacement.

Importantly, the doubling time Supplemental Fig. BD1 failed to bind monoacetylated H4 tails, but recognized four diacetylated H4 peptides out of six testedhighlighting the cooperative nature of ligand recognition Fig.

Genes were considered differentially expressed when their level of expression in the mutated mouse testes satisfied two criteria: A conditional knockout resource for the genome-wide study of mouse gene function. Immunoprecipitation of Cdk9 and CyclinT1 was as follows.


S1B and sporulation efficiency Supplemental Fig. Brdt and its bromodomains are monomeric in solution. Paraffin embedding and histology sections were performed on the histology platform of Grenoble Medical School. Int J Dev Biol Testes were frozen in liquid nitrogen, cut in two parts and directly applied on slides by apposition. The molecular basis of post-meiotic male genome reorganization and compaction constitutes one of the last black boxes in modern biology.

Pachytene spermatocytes appear at 14 dpp and accumulate up to 20 dpp when diplotene spermatocytes become visible. CBP discriminates poorly between mono- and diacetylated MyoD, whereas p prefers the diacetylated form Plasmids within the strain collection were recovered and sequenced to confirm the mutations. Furthermore, the rise in acetylation on H4 follows the transient rise of post-meiotic H4S1ph Fig. A 6His-flag-Ha tag was inserted in frame with the last exon of Brdt and th2b no intron courz, by homologous recombination with a neomycin-resistance gene driven by the Pgk1 promoter Neo.

Nature Letter, publication 1 octobre. Received 20 Julyaccepted 20 October doi: VI Jjfc p jl.

Pour obtenir le grade de. Arrêté ministériel : 7 août Jonathan GAUCHER

Interactions conserved in Brdt-BD1 are in green, those unique to BD2 in magenta; those conserved in the ligand-bound ygcn5 bromodomain pdb 1E6I are shown within the shaded envelope. Likewise, BD1 failed to bind monoacetylated H3 peptides, but recognized tetra-acetylated H3 albeit more weakly than H4ac4 Table 1. Examination of the new strain shows that endogenous H3 and H4 genes are absent, avi can be replaced by Flag-tagged versions of either of the histones Fig.

This hyperacetylation-dependent activity of Brdt allowed us to predict its action precisely when histone hyperacetylation occurs, at the time of histone replacement by transition proteins TPs Moriniere et al. Histone replacement through proteolysis The possibility also exists that histones are degraded in place by some specific proteases before or during TP assembly.

Cooperative binding of two acetylation marks on a histone tail by a single bromodomain. Additional arguments in favor of acetylation-dependent histone displacement come from studies showing that histones remain underacetylated in species where gendtique remain s all through spermiogenesis such as winter flounder and carp [18,19].

These include about genes, which would normally be repressed, but which become active in the absence of Brdt. Front and two different lateral views are presented.


The role of histones in chromatin remodelling during mammalian spermiogenesis. L ubiquitination est l addition d une ou plusieurs ubiquitines sur les lysines. Haploid male genome reprogramming 53 Hammoud, S. Deletion of BD1 genehique in male sterility in mice 8. Autoregulation of the rsc4 tandem bromodomain by gcn5 acetylation.

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The first category 1 is a group of genes fully active in meiotic cells whereas the second category 2 corresponds to genes pre-activated in spermatocytes but becoming fully active after the completion of meiotic division.

This has possible implications for the following proteins. B Testes from the three classes of 14 days old chimeric mice were fixed and s33 by Hoechst scale bars, The histograms represent the mean values of biological duplicates normalized with respect to Actin as a control gene and to Brdt expression in 50 days-old wt testes bars indicate standard deviations. These data confirmed that Brdt is a true functional tissue-specific paralogue of Brd4.

The chromatin structure of oocytes remains obscure, beyond initial observations of hypoacetylation of histones H3 and H4 during meiosis Kim et al. BD1 and BD2 side chain carbon atoms are in blue and magenta, respectively.

The antibodies used were as follows: Work in the S. Figure 1 shows the occurrence of a massive histone hyperacetylation simultaneously with a dramatic decompaction of pericentric regions revealed by a major satellite fluorescence in situ hybridization, FISH.

Mice carrying a deletion of the first bromodomain BD1 exhibit male sterility associated with abnormalities occurring during spermiogenesis Shang, The sporulation repressor Rme1 is not derepressed genetuque LOS mutations data not shownwhich likely excludes a general defect in silencing genes that coure sporulation.

Crystal structure of the human BRD2 bromodomain: The work described above has allowed researchers to functionally dissect one of the less explored phenomenon in modern biology, paving the way to develop an active translational research program. Spermatogenic cell suspensions were fractionated as described previously Pivot-Pajot et al.