It’s time for, The Most Obnoxious Clapotis in the World. And it’s finished! In this post I just wanted to give some hints and tips for a few people. I’ve had a number of requests for my Clapotis Spreadsheet excel file. I can see what an incredible Clapotis you have added to the universe!. (from ) French women are known for wearing scarves. Starting in September and until summer arrives, this is a most important accessory.

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Notify me of new posts via email. I have been looking for the spreadsheet and am excited to get started! How have I been able to work on the clapotis in the car, while watching tv, and while reading even comics! This yarn is Cascadethe colorway is It’s saving me from having to create one myself.

I’ve “oohed” and “aahed” over the finished product for a really long time, and the finished product really doesn’t look like it’s that difficult, but man! Could you please send it to me by email? I find the pattern directions absolutely dizzying! But no worries if you haven’t! You are commenting using your Facebook account. Collaborating with other knitters will get her pattern more exposure, more word of mouth and very likely, more sales.

If I do this again, I’ll try doing the mirrored twists.


Collaboration vs. Competition (and Clapotis Tips Too) – Indigo Kitty Knits

Sorry to bother you, is it possible to still get a copy of this? Black Art Creds If you see something on here and know where it came from and I don’t have a link or cred pleace comment.

On the WS it is: Why can’t I link to the Clapotis Spreadshheet This makes for a neater edge as you can see in the pic above. But when I swatched for this spreasdheet following the great blog post’s instructionsI tried out the mirrored twist. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Attempting to place restrictions on the use of your creation speaks volumes about a mindset of lack and scarcity — which is not the way I choose to live.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your WordPress. Is there a specific kind of yarn that it is better to knit with? I ask that clapots be given and that you provide a link from your listings to my etsy, HC and Ravelry pattern store.

What do you think about this subject? For a stole, people commonly use the rule of fifths.

Where is the Clapotis chart/spreadsheet?

Tuesday, March 22, Getting Ready for the Clapotis. It’s a fun wrap. Yarn weight Aran 8 wpi? Posted in knitting 5 Comments. I am going to link your website to my knitting blog! I call that greedy. This keeps all your proportions right for a stole.

Collaboration vs. Competition (and Clapotis Tips Too)

The one-sided twist didn’t look quite right to me. Well the sections of a Clapotis are shown below: This day in history.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A pretty eventful weekend I think this maybe my next project.

I can’t get to the spreadsheet using the link. Hope this helps others. You might’ve visited Knitty to print out the pattern.

The colour changes in the photo above give away what direction the knitting happens in, while the increasing and decreasing of the straight sections takes place.

I would knit away just to get to the next drop stitch section just to see the magic unravel see what I did there? I sprewdsheet for sharing this spreadsheet and so does my sanity!

My name is Azzy and I’m a twenty-something with a husband and a kooky kat. You are commenting using your WordPress. This means that out of the total weight of all your yarn, you use one fifth for increasing, one for decreasing and three fifths on your straight section. Post a new comment Error Comments allowed for members only Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Your reply will be screened Your IP address will be recorded.