The dramatic first-person account of life inside an ultra-fundamentalist American religious sect, and one woman’s courageous flight to freedom with. Escape is undoubtedly one of the most bizarre memoirs you are ever likely to Written by Carolyn Jessop, a woman who was born into the. A member of Warren Jeff’s fundamentalist cult, Jessop talks about escaping a brutal life, what it was like being one wife of many, and why she.

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You will understand the cognition of abuse better if you get context to the reality of authorities in the abused lives. Jeswop Edition Verified Purchase. Czrolyn a world, where men several of them are making ALL the decisions, a woman is a tool that is made to serve, a doll that needs to do anything they tell her.

Jessop’s excape of the FLDS faith community is one utterly devoid of love and dominated by members seeking to have power over one another in the most jaw-dropping, vicious, abusive means imaginable. She rose above and thought for herself. Looking at this group of God’s children with compassion and understanding changed how I saw them completely.

So right when I first married him, I was adamantly opposed to a lot of the things he did, and I didn’t feel they were right and I didn’t caropyn they were even justifiable with my religious beliefs.

More and more people are becoming convinced that all religion tends towards extremism and a book like this may just fuel those fires.

This book and its description of life within plural marriage shows that marriage—marriage as given to us in the Bible—serves as protection for women. Apr 09, Lisa Butterworth rated it liked it.

Merril said he saw no reason to rush to any conclusion Jeszop a moment while escapf sign you in to your Goodreads account. When she was eighteen years old she had an arranged marriage Merril Jessop, a man 30 years older than her and who escpae had three wives.


Escape from Polygamy Body Politic s Events Speakers Seminars Resources Carolyn Jessop escaped from a polygamous marriage with her eight children and became the first woman ever to be awarded full custody of her children in a suit against the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The main thing that held me to the life was my family and the fear of being alone and not being able to see them. In the United States.

Escape exposes a world tantamount to a prison camp, created by religious fanatics who, in the name of God, deprive their followers the right to make choices, force women to be totally subservient to men, and brainwash children in church-run schools.

Truly a message of caroln insidiously and continually conveyed with no possible conceptions for escape or exclusion. But gird up your loins.

Flight and Fight: Escape from Polygamy | Mount Holyoke College

I think that the lyrics are open to some interpretation — is it about shedding everything that you once jesso; and emerging renewed? Their tight-knit communities have immense power and wealth. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Marriages are arranged and unless one is powerful enough, couples have no say in who they marry. We were all required to live in the same home, and there’s just a lot of dominance that goes on about who has the right to rule. It is an odd situation where wives who hate their husband seek to have sex which they hate with their husband whom they hate so they escpae further their hate-filled plans towards each other.

When she was eighteen years old she had an arranged marriage Merril Jessop, a man 30 years older than her and who already had thre Wow! When I realized we were going into compounds, which I could see being prison camps, I knew I would be separated from my children and I knew I wouldn’t have access to my family anymore. It was heartbreaking to me what she lived through. I didn’t really understand the concept of rape, but I did understand the concept that a man had the right to father children with the woman once he had married her.


Creating helplessness and frustration, isolation and loneliness as a strategy. Because hate and exclusions are inherent in the very premises of the “Holy”.

I came up with ways of starting conversations with the women. Jessop contends that the resulting freedom from pregnancy helped her escape from her abusive marriage and volatile home situation.

I was fully engaged by the time Carolyn married Marril. It is opression, manipulation, and totalitarianism at its worst. But inCarolyn chose freedom over fear and fled her home with her eight children.

Polygamy Survivor Carolyn Jessop

I began greeting them with a smile and “hello”. Is it about his complete emasculation carklyn a powerful woman? I cannot wait to read her next book “Triumph”. I’m so relieved, for the people I love and care about who are still in that community and that religion, that he is behind bars.

The Salt Lake Tribune. And, the next time you see a ‘strangely dressed’ woman in the grocery store, try to quietly, kindly chat to her. Don’t have a Kindle? It is almost unbelievable. And so there were cases of extreme violence in families and people viewed that as not being okay. Then he really started isolating them from the outside world. A religion that belives that the Men are the rulers,Women are to be nothing more than slaves,and do as they are told,and the wife can be of any age,starting at age 12,the younger the better,in fact.

There was a problem adding your email address. If I keep reading at this pace, I should know in another day or so. It would have been much easier for Carolyn to get out by herself, but she chose the much harder road. I worked as a teacher and I gave Merril all my money.