There’s assumption of the dignity of his people, descendants of the black Sudanese, their pride in their way of life. There’s rational Mohammedanism thinly . Complete summary of Camara Laye’s The Dark Child. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Dark Child. Analysis and discussion of characters in Camara Laye’s The Dark Child.

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Chilr Advent of Islam in West Africa. I see there is some disagreement over whether it is an autobiography or a novel.

The nobles consisted of farmers, who grew rice, millet, and garden vegetables for subsistence; from their clans came the political leaders. On this night, Camara and the other boys are not simply being tormented; they are being tested. While others may have been bored by the monotony of the novel, I found it to be interesting, simply because the entire setting was new for me.

THE DARK CHILD by Camara Laye | Kirkus Reviews

In addition, the conditions of Chil colonial Guinea, especially the tiny village of Tindican, could not have been as ideal as Laye describes. Laye lives the life of a typical college or boarding school student, studying at the school’s campus and returning home to Koroussa during breaks.

My copy is fromand made me realise a couple of things.

Inhe left Guinea for Dakar, Senegal because of political issues, never to return. In this context, the absence of European characters from the book takes on a new, more sinister significance. It cuild very likely: In religion, the Mande practiced a mix of Islam and their own indigenous faith.

Laye spends his days of recovery lounging on a mat with the other young men, isolated from his family for the most part, allowed only to visit with his mother and father from a distance between the end of the ceremony and the day he is able to walk home comfortably Even though they never declare their love for each other, Laye calls her friendship one of the sustaining forces of his life in Conakry.


Meanwhile, men raised cattle and sheep, farmed, or pursued a craft. The narrator expresses his longing for layw lost natal community by remembering the joy and wonder experienced by his younger self. But the marabouts must have given me all childd help they could.

At the start, his entire world is the ver This is a fairly short and simple autobiographical account of a boy growing up in Guinea in the s and 40s.

This memoir is an enjoyable read that is a picturesque coming of age story set in Africa.

The Dark Child Summary & Study Guide

The blacksmiths fashioned chi,d, saddles, wooden plates, statues, rifles, and amulets; their trade was fraught with potential danger. She breaks the assignment into process days, after providing students with a sense of what folklore is and looks like: Rigid Muslim practice is closely associated with city life.

The events should not be discounted as fiction, but rather fictionalized accounts of real events in order to prove a point. Originally published in Youth: Laye himself asserted that the book attacked colonialism indirectly, by speaking of African civilization and culture tue and by countering the stereotypes of missionaries and anthropologists with insights that promoted true understanding.

Nevertheless, he was not allowed to take too many liberties, for it is part of the praise-singer’s task to preserve it. A farmer, for example, might sell surplus produce while not preoccupied with planting or harvesting, while a blacksmith might raise crops in his spare time. Alfred Ernest Jones Translator.


Laye recalls that his father performed secret ablutions every morning, the belief being that without this ritual cleansing his work with gold and other metals would be unsanctified and unsuccessful. As a child, Laye loves to visit his grandmother, uncles and cousins in the countryside. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This was a fascinating memoir of the author’s youth growing up in the village of Koroussa, French Guinea. Really liked the first chapter and the third.

Vocational education, as suggested by the discussion of apprentices above, was a matter of learning by experience. Africans themselves had a hand in bringing about these reforms. Rather, they have longstanding roots within patriarchal society He participates in a festival consisting of public and private ceremonies for “several days” and later a period of physical healing and recovery from the circumcision itself for over one month Laye He would later become a writer of many essays and was a foe of the government of Guinea.

In they banded together to form a movement the Rassemblement Democratique Africain that agitated for constitutional guarantees of their rights, and in an arm of this movement the Parti Democratique de Guinee was established in Guinea.

And if intelligence seemed slower it was because reflection preceded speech and because speech itself was a most serious matter. Want to Read saving….