Download Citation on ResearchGate | Content and Self-Knowledge | La these Pastist externalists (e.g., Boghossian ; Burge ) maintain that the past. Volume 17, Issue 1, Spring Philosophy of Mind. Paul A. Boghossian. Pages DOI: /philtopics Content and Self-Knowledge. Content and Self-Knowledge. Paul A. Boghossian University of Michigan. INTRODUCTION I. This paper argues that, given a certain apparently inevitable thesis.

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Nonetheless, it may be desirable for us to speak as if there was such knowledge, given our aims and interests more broadly. For the absurdity was not that an apriori warrant transmits; instead, it was in thinking that 3 can be apriori warranted at all.

A subject can know boghossiah the armchair what content her thoughts have. From a different angle, a person cannot use the argument to gain knowledge of 3 for the very first time. So already there is a problem with armchair self-knowledge, absent any premises about memory. Expression and Self-Knowledge bohgossian, Oxford: That in turn normally suffices for knowing that water exists.

The Psychology of Folk Psychology.

It may seem that this is entirely justified, but why is that exactly? Yet incompatibilists reply that the second reading cannot be what is really intended. Regardless, the interest in the debate goes beyond EXT, for it pertains to many central concerns of philosophers, such as the nature of knowledge and the relation between mind and world. If Oscar satisfies the antecedent of PKIit may seem that he is missing only comparative knowledge of content—i.

Paul Boghossian, Content and self-knowledge – PhilPapers

For it seems that II can be shown true, no matter whether the skeptic speaks English or Twin English. Kripke and Evansch. However, if a person regards this metaphysical claim as warranted along with 2 —then she cannot rationally put 3 in doubt. The environment would play a part as well. In addition, new issues have arisen in light of externalism about qualia as held by Lycan ; ;DretskeTye If this cannot be ruled out apriori, cintent EXT does not secure the apriority of 1 —even if 4 is assumed.


Externalism and Self-Knowledge

Nevertheless, they still might hold in some other possible world; so no incompatibility strictly follows. Now as one might expect, each of the premises have been challenged by various compatibilists.

A final boghosian against SK is that, if 1 is not apriori as is plausibleit follows that apriori sellf-knowledge of 2 is impossible Gertler The contention is that, assuming EXT, the skeptic cannot both deny SK and be justified in accepting the premises of his own argument.

Further, some writers have worried that if one can know what one thinks, then one can know that one thinks. The latter are stronger in claiming that the former are apriori.

See Kripke and the entry on Rigid Designators. But to the contrary, the potential for an undetected switch might be as common as the potential for polysemy in the language Ludlow b. In that sort of case, i and ii will be satisfied. Similarly, there may be a suspicion in W. Although self-verifying judgments are atypical, Burge still thinks they are sufficient to block the inference from A to B.

Indeed it seems Oscar cannot detect the switch just from the armchair. Other philosophers do not reject EXT as much as restrict it: EXT Thought content is determined bogjossian by the environment. According to her, self-knowledge is unlike perceptual knowledge in that it is not normally the product of any kind of recognition though she need not deny the existence of introspection altogether.


Boghossian – – Oxford University Press. The contents of memory thus might be an exception. BeebeeBurge If so, then a slow switch causes a kind of memory failure, since the knowledge initially stored in memory is not what is recalled.

After all, as one writer observes:. Added to PP index Total downloads 6, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 24 18, of 2, How can I increase my downloads? On the current line, 1 can be known apriori if EXT is true though as we shall see, there are different ways to spin this. Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy.

The externalist view of memory can come as a shock; however, it might enjoy some intuitive support Tye Still, the idea is that 3 in some sense is presupposed, once the deduction gets started.

That is, judging W necessitates thinking the thought that water is wet—and thinking this thought is precisely what W contends.

An Essay in the Philosophy of MindCambridge: But what determines relevance exactly? Added to PP index Total downloads 2of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 1of 2, How can I increase my downloads?

The skeptic might offer two different replies to the self-undermining charge. The skeptic should not make an exception of himself, re: