: ASURA: Tale of the Vanquished (): Mr Anand Neelakantan: Books. Asura- Tale of The Vanquished by Anand Neelakantan. I finished reading Asura yesterday and what a coincidence, it was Dussehra! I will start its review by. Asura: Tale of vanquished, brings out a fresh perspective to Ramayana. Why did Anand Neelakantan choose to tell the story of Asura from two perspectives.

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Sometimes he loves Ravana, he does anything to gain Ravana’s trust, he kills Ravana’s sister Soorpanakhi’s lover, he poisons Kubera’s entire army, but still he was not recognized by Ravana, why?? After reading the blurb I honestly felt that this book is going to give us a different perspective of Ravana and we could see the things as visualized by him.

I like it when authors play around controversial areas adding a bit of their mojo to the body. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

They claimed that things would get worse. Both the sides have been shown as 2 human civilizations and nothing more than that!

Ravana himself was aware of how he had changed and in the end he would realize how he had placed his trust in the wrong people. Again Ravan has a point. Berbeda dengan kisah-kisah Ramayana yang dipenuhi dengan dewa-dewi yang turut campur tangan langsung dalam jalannya cerita, dewa-dewi dalam Rahwana cenderung lebih pasif.

I will start its review by saying that I loved the aasura If you need delivery on a later day, you can select a date upto 30 days from order, during checkout. Sailo Sathyan marked it as to-read Jul 04, Hurling baseless accusations is not correct from any standpoint. On the other side, completely irrelevant as it first seems, we read how the Devas rampage Asura villages, rape, byy and destroy.

Roll of the Dice Ajaya: Yes, the barbarians not only won every war but they conquered the whole of the sub-continent – and this is in spite of the fact that the Asuras were so advanced in technology that they even had flying chariots the Pushpaka Vimana and stuff. However, Lord Sri Rama still continues to inspire millions and millions of people all nwelakantan the world.


All his life, Ravana thought Devas as bad, Brahmins are bad. SS Rajamoulithe director of the blockbuster film Baahubali, revealed the cover of the book at the Jaipur Literature Festival in This 9, other than Intellect, open the way to the downfall of the greatest emperor who loved to live and follow his own way, who likes to think different.

The writer has tried his best to keep up the speed in his writing, which he does in most of the chapters, but some of the chapters are really slow and it takes an extra effort to cross them. I could not resist my mind thinking about Gadaffi and Saddam.

Neelaksntan kota-kota megah kembali marak, banyak kuil Siwa nan indah dibangun, pertanian maju pesat, dan Alengka sebagai pusat pemerintahan Asura berkembang menjadi wilayah paling maju dan kaya pada masa itu. True, we only here the tale that the heroes tell. Did he really intend on making her his queen or was there some other reason behind it. Kesetaraan dijunjung tinggi, bangsa Asura sama sekali tidak mengenal sistem kasta. View all 12 comments. Lists with This Book.

Asura: Tale of the Vanquished | Anand Neelakantan | Book Review

Asura would have made a fabulous read if it weren’t for the plethora of spelling and grammatical errors that abound the book. I loved each and every chapter of it! My heart went out especially to Bhadra as he went from a free man to a ‘pariah’. Requested quantity for this product is not available. Such a capable author could have more moral responsibility of researching more before taking his story to the world.

Pada usia 24 tahun, Rahwana telah menjelma seorang pemimpin yang berkharisma dan dikagumi rakyatnya. Despite of all the facts, the story is interesting and pleasant. Written through a distorted prism of historical victimization, this book is simplistic beyond imagination, is replete with misprisions, and makes no attempt either to capture the poetry of the original epic or show any sort of fidelity to its philosophy. One by one, irrelevant and minor characters of the Ramayana kept coming up with their own versions.


Usually, there were several fights between the pro-X men and the pro-Y gang. Kota-kota megah dan kuil-kuil indah diruntuhkan, dan yang lebih parah, prinsip kesetaraan dihapuskan dan diganti dengan sistem kasta sesuai ajaran para brahman dari ras Dewa.

I cannot imagine how any self respecting editor would allow this book to go to print. I don’t think talking from Ravana’s perspective is wrong, but twisting the facts as we would like to hear so there are some anti-brahminanti-ramayana arguments is not acceptable.

As educated, logical people; we owe them all a patient hearing. While criticisms of Maryada Purshottam Rama have been around since the Valmiki Ramayan, this one is different because it combines class struggle from Bhadra’s perspective with the story of a war supposedly fought for righteousness.


Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished

Sreetharan Vallithan marked it as to-read Oct 11, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Recent genetic studies have shown the racial stocks to be hopelessly intermingled throughout India and gives no evidence of any distinct racial divide between North and the South. Dia kemudian ditempa dengan pendidikan dan latihan dibawah bimbingan guru Mahabali dan Brahma yang kaya akan pengalaman dan kebijaksanaan.

Let me get some of the points I thought it is disgusting: Take it as an inventive, if extremely badly written, exercise in reversing the so called historical bias of victors, and leave it at neelaknatan. I wondered about their magical world. For instance Rama’s life as per Ramayana is years.

So, when I heard about Asura: Thank God somebody had really dared to challenge the society for creating such wrong notions about somebody! Mengapa selama ini kita tidak memandang Rama dan pasukan wanaranya sebagai agresor yang telah membakar dan meruntuhkan sebuah kebudayaan besar bangsa Asura?