ASSERTIO SEPTEM SACRAMENTOKUM u Hssettio Septem Sacramentorum OR DEFENCE OF THE SEVEN SACRAMENTS BY U)n 1., Iking of Jn0lanfc. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Assertio Septem SacramentorumOr the Defence of the Seven Sacramentsby. Henry VIII. Assertio Septem Sacramentorum. Or the Defence of the Seven.

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Our Lord, condescending to our weakness, preserves the forms of the bread and wine, but changes the bread and wine into Plis own true Flesh and Blood. But Luther goes far ther and denies and defies the whole Church. E”unc quum prudens et sciens mendatia componat adversus mei Regis majestatem in ccelis, damnabilis Putredo ista et Vermis, aszertio mihi erit pro meo Rege, majestatem Anglicam luto suo et stercore conspergere, et coronam istam blasphemam in Christum pedibus conculcare.

Its difficult to read and appears to be missing pages. History of the English People. The second reason is that non-Catholics, those Foreword 17 “other sheep which are not sptem this fold,” may return to the rich, green pastures which they left four hundred years ago, and which are still as rich, as green, because still watered by the perennial streams of the seven sac raments, just as in the days of Henry; they are “ever ancient, yet ever new.

It was granted after mature deliberation by Leo inand again by Clement in Such virtue must not lose its reward.

Assertio septem sacramentorum; or, Defence of the seven sacraments

In which, good God! The History of Great Britain. Sander had better opportunities of learning the truth on this point, both in Rome and in Spain, and Gardiner confesses it Foxe, VI.

Nor do I see in what else he could, with more Glory and Applause, have employed this Treasure of Knowl edge ; a Talent, doubtless, given him by God himself for this very End. You will hear the account of the war in Italy from the King s ambassador and the Pope s nuncio with you. Aula Regis plus habet hominum eruditione prsestantium, quam ulla Academia. If he had remained, and had not by Your Holiness been prohibited the free dispersing abroad of his Errors ; what Danger, what devouring Conflagration this Plague had brought to all Christendom; let the The Oration of Mr.


The evidence is not all on one side, and hence the testimonies declaring the title hereditary are here given first. If Luther objects to the change from the primitive way of giving Communion, he should object also to children not receiving at assretio, and to our receiving in the morning instead of after sasertio.

Statements of others in documents closely con nected with the “Assertio. He had, in deed, sacramejtorum reason to insert in his book against Luther passages which appeared unwisely strong to the mind of Sir Thomas More, as yet uninitiated into royal secrecy, and at the same time skeptical of the divine authority of the Papal jurisdiction.

Now, while this is not an apodictical argument, yet it gives a great probability that the edition here reprinted was printed not in England, but in Ireland.

Saconay in his Preface, p. Nos zelo fidei Catholicse cujus sumus et esse volumus Defensores in omnibus commoti. The Mass is a sacrifice, for “the priests do not only perform 32 Synopsis of the “Assertio” what Christ did in His last supper, but also what He has afterwards done on the cross. Divorcement was not lawful in former times amongst the people of God. It cannot be said that Henry had drawn this upon his own head. Am brose and Szcramentorum.

Healy s no further or surer details of place or date or printer of the edition here reprinted can be given save that it is the second half of a second volume in 12mo, with, of course, the spelling “our,” long s s, a guide-word at the foot of each page, and capi tals to nouns within sentences, even though not proper names.

In this work he treats the King, without any ceremony, as a liar and a blasphemer. Again he [Luther] took up the pen. First he will not have the epistle to have been writ by the Apostle. He refutes indeed both the denials and assertions of Luther as they occur, but it is with Luther himself and Luther s language to Henry that he is dealing. Henry s six wives? The Didascalicon of Hugh of Sacramnetorum. Eruditissimi viri Gulielmi Rossei opus elegans, doctum, septe, pium, quo pulcherrime rele- git ac refellit insanas Lutheri calumnias ; quibus invec- tissimum Anglia?


The latter speedily answered, never being at a loss, if not for arguments at least for fitting words.

In the fourth place come the great number of first-class testimonies of historians of recognized abil ity and trustworthiness, who either imply or say di rectly that Henry is the author of the “Assertio. To ask other readers questions about Assertio septem sacramentorum; or, Defence of the seven sacramentsplease sign up.

Generally speaking, I say, his principles are more catholic, and his proofs more cogent.

Catalog Record: Assertio septem sacramentorum; or, Defence of | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Socrates, a Man judged by Apollo s Oracle, to be the wisest of Men, asserttio by the Athenians poisoned for disputing against the commonly- received Opinion they had of God, and against that Religion which was at that Time taught to be the best on Earth. An non pudebit post hoc sacerdotes, monachos, episcopos nihil scire rei theologicse, quum viderint Re- gem tantum juvenem, tot negociis districtum, eo pro- gressum in cognitione sacrarum Literarum, ut xeptem edi- tis periclitanti Christiana religioni patrocinetur?

The Church in England, But what can be done, where The Oration of Mr. Henry in his letter to Luther owns it to be his. Interea dum sic fureret Lutherus, quidam Germani, piam et eruditam regis Septe, glice assertionem coeperunt a Lutheranis calumniis as- serere.

Learned Men, on all Sides, have in their Works opposed themselves, as so many Buck lers, for the Christian Faith, against the Darts of this pernicious Reprobate.

When Extreme Unction should be adminis tered. But if not Henry who else could have composed the “Assertio”? Terms of Use Privacy Policy.