1 The Official Rules of Play for the Game of Amtgard V8 Made Easy; Introduction; Amtgard the Organization; Role-playing in. Amtgard requires cooperation, honor, and fair play in order to ensure the most fun for all participants. Please read these rules thoroughly. Classes in Amtgard are designed so that each one brings a unique and valuable set of skills to the field which can be used as . V8 Rulebook.

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Is there a reason a 4th archetype would get smacked amtyard regardless of content? There are lots of Magic and Abilitiesbut only a few results. The idea is to provide an opportunity for a team to unlock a strategy rather than a linear power boost. Interest in role-playing differs greatly among Amtgard players.

8.0 Rulebook

Let’s talk custom abilities and game mechanics for a bit. Monster is a special class, playable only in games where the game designer and local monarch have given their permission for the class to be used. All offensive combat abilities with very few exceptions result in one of those States or Special Effects.

Hell, power boosts are fine. You can easily play the Barbarian or Warrior classes as a samurai or the Healer as a necromancer.


Warlord Sports – Amtgard V8 Rules Documents

If you wish to fight or participate in a battlegame, you must conform to one class for each game. If you want more information read the Magic v88 Abilities sections. If the Magic or Ability targeting you is of a given School which is always part of the incantation and v have Immunity to that School, then the magic or ability has no effect on you.

The classes exist in a strict form to maintain game balance on the field; it is up to you to give them life, substance, and personality.

If those interactions are unclear then the players should adjudicate the situation in the most fair and equitable way possible until an official ruling can be made.

Each level unlocks new TraitsAbilitiesor Magic you can use. Retrieved from ” https: They may not wear armor or use shields and do not have any class abilities.

All hits remove a single point from the armor in the location struck unless the amtbard is Armor-Breaking or Armor-Destroying. Keeping Amtgard diverse is a key to keeping it strong. The reeve will announce how lives are handled before the game starts. I guess I just wanna see what the community has brainstormed in regards to “jungling” mechanics. Retrieved from ” https: Role-play should contribute positively to the Amtgard experience of everyone involved. Many features such as spell list creation will be added in the future.


If your browser supports it, you should be able to disconnect from the network and still use Easygard!

Rulebooks are confusing things.

In a free-form game like Amtgard there are bound to be interactions and situations that come up that were not imagined or considered by the authors. Wonder if it can be strapped to a leg? Verbal Magic and Abilities all follow the same format: Keeping track of your own armor is simple.

Typical examples might be Ambulant or Persistent. Enchantments or class neutrals with downsides, maybe? Views Page Discussion View source History. I know it has amfgard be at leadt 2. The search feature is not fully seeded yet. You must play the class you wish to gain credit in.

Fighting classes have fewer, but more focused, abilities to go along with amtgare expanded equipment availability. A small shield can be strap to a arm and it will work.

Likewise, selecting someone to play a monster who is not interested in role-playing can give false hope to the role-players involved and be counter-productive.