A closer look at Wipeout command of AutoCAD. Despite its great feature it always remained one the least used commands in AutoCAD. Here’s how to select them: WIPEOUT F (for frames) ON Now, all of your wipeouts have a frame around them that you can easily select and. In AutoCAD since version Info Command category: rendering. Help (): WIPEOUT. WIPEOUT command description: Creates a wipeout in the drawing.

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Wipeout command in AutoCAD

In this case we already have a block so in order to edit it double click on the block to go to block editor.

Wpieout other advantage to using hatch is that you are not limited to polylines with line segments and can hatch any closed object. Despite its great feature it always remained one the least used commands in AutoCAD.

The frame is the border that you see surrounding the wipeout. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Mirror the arc so that the result is the original circle. March 11, at 4: How do you use wipeouts?

I have found that avad using wipeouts inside of a block, the draw order will get rearranged if the BSAVE command is used. For this reason, and all of the other reasons you have mentioned, we have abandoned using wipeouts altogether and now use solid hatch.

September 19, wipdout Using wipeout feature you can create blocks that can always hide objects behind it. When you turn off frames, the wipeout seems to disappear, especially if no objects are partially covered by the wipeout, because it matches the drawing area background. I generally use the Wipeout command only in blocks.


Cover it up with the WIPEOUT command

Thats weird, because when I open the other drawings for example, with already existing working wipeouts. Stay up to date! In this article I will try to explore features of this command with relevant examples where ever possible. If I am using wipeouts on their own not in a blockthen I create a separate layer layer needs to be turned on and able to plot to put them wiipeout that will stand out from the rest of my drawing so that I can see them more easily.

The hatch is placed on a layer designated as wipeout that is set to plot and color , To register for this site, click Sign up now below.

Frank de Brouwer February 13, at 4: Patte September 19, at 5: When you choose this option, you have 3 subuptions:. Your cursor change into a pick box, select wipeout boundary and press enter. Tried acax functionbut for some reason it does not work. January 15, at This command can be used in crowded drawings to mask the background and you can even create blocks with this command that always remain opaque to the background entities of the drawing.

Sometimes you need to hide your dirty laundry. Becker January 9, at This site uses cookies. In the image below I have used wipeout on the hatched region inside the rectangle to partially hide hatches.

Translucent Wipeout

Then you see the following prompts: For whatever reason, this seems to work. OK Stay up to date! Keep in mind that Wipeout will also affect lineweights. Replacing these blocks is also verys easy without complicated stretching or completely redoing hatches. Here are the prompts:. You can use these HTML tags. I use wipeouts a lot, specially in blocks. To use an existing polyline start wipeout command and select polyline from command line and click on closed polyline from drawing wipeeout.


You might cover up part of your drawing that represents unapproved designs, confidential data, or anything else. I try using wipeouts again every once in a while. Wipeouts can be a little frustrating when you first start working with them.

May 23, at Mark January 16, at 3: Printing to pdf gives me no problems.

Tips for Using the Wipeout Command

Tips for Using the Wipeout Command. Read about how we use cookies and keep your personal information secure by reading our Privacy Policy here. If I try to dimension to the wipeout edge in paper space, the viewport scale is completely ignored, so the dimension is wrong. February 13, at 4: It probably does not sound very clear.

The wipeout is blocking some of the lineweight. Hows that for a Rube Goldberg approach? Tips for Using the Wipeout Command Print. You are commenting using your WordPress. What I did to test was create a rectangle with a hatch wipeoyt.